Thursday, February 23, 2012

About me.

(random stuff from online 'about me' section)

I will fight for the bare, the natural,the humble. the non superficial, the profound, the initial. I will not ache for poison, rather your love in my veins. Then again, I'm just a girl. I'm just a human being. Trying to make my way, as everyone else.

Never forget who you are. It is so easy. Even in the blackest dirt,even in the saddest grime, do not forget your spirit. Who lies underneath your skin and bones. For this, is why we breathe.

What makes me good is that I am bad and good.
What makes me pretty,is that I am honesty.

A complicated girl,with simple intentions. Love.

Diamond In mud.Those who see,are meant.
Those who don't,aren't meant to see.


Hail I, aries's queen. perhaps the last to kiss his lips,but richly the first to steal his heart. Forever stained. Forever dead tree.

I'm part kitty, ice princess, fairy, vampire, mermaid, unicorn,dollfie, gelfing, desert dancer.

;) If you don't believe me.. you just have problems.

I like to lay on random roads,and look into the sky. I dance barefoot,and wear flowers in my hair. I wont restrict myself to what the brain tells me, but rather- where my heart will travel.

... If someone says "don't do it", I most likely will.

:p...just cos.

.... i said so.

I shall jump out of airplanes and off cliffs someday only after diving deep under oceans in my mermaid fin.. in harmony with all the waters glorious creatures.

I'm a bit of everything, A speck of all and beyond..
Paradox, Truly Ying and Yang. Light and dark. I don't believe in labels, or judgment. How can we stamp a single word or definition on a human being? A human being full of so many complex internal layers, beautiful energy,and raging spirit?

Dreamer. Belly dancing,Animal loving,book reading,Tree hugging, Astronomy adoring - Earth lover, nature lover. Peace Lover. Hippie at heart.

All I need in life,is a pair of jeans, my guitar,and my jesus tee.

I'm constantly covered in bruises and scratches and cuts I cannot recall, my mom says its because I listen to the song too much.

They call me Naive, I say they are just all too sheep too alike. Who wants to take my hand and step out of the box,with me? Forget these safe zones,the lace of restriction blisters my skin.