Wednesday, December 30, 2009

when i found you,you were cold and dark.
your body,dead and lifeless
you were still and loveless

I believe we grew
and instead of in a healthy manner,like most..
instead of two lovers, floating in love,and bliss next to one another
we entwined, and became each others life
attaching at the soul,
connecting within hearts
Our skin has created something beautiful,
but what most would consider, an Illness

.. we are not mere two fools in love,
we ...become , simply one.

When the other half of your soul is missing..

The pain i feel inside,is like a long,throbbing ache
a cancer filling the body,
infecting the organs
poison swimming in my veins
pain so unbearable,
thickens into agony
I'm meant to handle,
I'm forced to endure
a "process"they say.
A slow death
the loneliness taking over
the sickness too extreme to handle
i wish to be transparent
i squirm,i toss and turn
in bed
i stare blankly at the ceiling
my lifeless hand setting on my stomach,
the other wrist turned above my head
sometimes i am lucky and i have no movement
other times, reality sets
and I want to jump out of bed
nervously,achingly pace back and forth,
biting my fingers raw,until there is nothing left
but sore,pink flesh
i am cold,but the room is hot
i grow goosebumps or sweat
my body cringes,
I grab my stomach and hunch over in pain
i want to scream
there is no way out
i am forced to stay
sometimes yearning to crawl out of this skin...