Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rule number 2.

dont get attached to somebody you could lose..

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Lamp light.

                  All good things come to an end. All bad things come to an end.
                                  So I am done mourning.

Rule of thumb: Touch, but do not feel. Do not attach, do not reminisce.  

                                       Its okay to experience, as long as it is an experiment. 
                                                 Its okay to create, as long as it is art.
                                            Its okay to live, as long as its a fucking masterpiece. 
                                                     No matter how messy... no matter how precise...
                                                    Always remind yourself, it isn't real..
                                                           No matter how deep their stares, how sincere their words.
                                                          keep focused. Keep professional.

                                                          They are resources, use them.

                                                             Its all... a game.
                                                     You may lose, but more will come..
                                                    You may win, but in the end... You never really win.

                              Every set of eyes are medicine, every set of lips are a game plan.
                               Floating... there is no "set in stone", no destination.
                                                    Not up, nor down.
                                            I tell them I'm like Alice in wonderland.
                                            Many smile, few proceed.


                                                 It's silly when you think about it... many personas.

                                               Cold as ice, as clingy as a puppy dog.
                                              As immune as a widow, as prone as a train-wreck.
                                                              Careless.. infinite.
                                        I don't really know you when we think about it,
                                                 and either of us really give a shit...
                                     but i'll miss the way you made my cheeks ache from continuous laughter,
                                                            and your cigarette kisses, and your rough hands...
                                                   and for a moment, I felt like yours..and for a moment, I felt alive.