Thursday, February 25, 2010

I love these images.


ALL of these images are so soft and flowy
gorgeous light hair.. soft wind,peaking sunlight,ETHERAL clothing and hippie.

these photos speak so much to me.... gentle white lacey, silky,ruffley cotton baby doll dresses.. pale and pure...

see through lace,

golden tones,sunsets,sunrise,sun warm and spring/summery

beach scenery - enough said..

this looks so free and inspiring

natural... in your most beautiful form..clotheless

tree love :P i adore all the emotion in these photos

more sunlight

i love this..its so delicate,and almost romantic..
a womans back/neck is one of my most favorite body part
its so elegant and vulnerable looking..

tree love :DD

soo beautiful! I dream if this scenery, I have always written about it..
flower fields..ah I would love to nap and shoot photos here<33

adorable in everyway.. her dress looks so victorian

divine...femine.. this shows me sisterly loyalty and friendship


adore the visual texture of their clothing..beautiful material,design,pattern and may i add,amazing hair and dreamy \flowerbands!




mother earth child


love (this is one of my ultimate favorites of this entire set)

:D I love how green this is,its as if she is being swallowed up by the beautiful evergreen meadow!

i would love to do this.. tranquil... serenity

adventuress ! :P


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

from depths..

tonight,the pain is so bad
i feel it rising in my throat
too thick to swallow
blistering allover my flesh
taunting my childish mind
all i ever wanted was love
naive,cliche, sheep like,i know.
this burn,too scorching to sleep with

who will love me?
who will crave my love?
who will accept my love?
who will protect me,and cherish me purely?

this sore,too raw to sleep with
all i ever wanted was love
text book, fairytale, girlish,i know.

tonight,i sleep with this ache
this sting
this reality
i am alone
for so long,i will be alone
i can feel and sense

unpretty in everyway
who would want to hold me
or tell me sweet things?

all i ever wanted was love
you left and now theres no one else

abstract human- person connection

the more i look at you,into your eyes,over the oceans of your skin,
deep gaze into the depth of your face..
the innocence of your eyes,
the way i touch your cheeks,
brushing against your neck,softly
not as a lover,
not as a friend
but,as a friend
as a soul...
does this make sense?
i think.."make love,not war"
and here i am,here we make love and magic
gentle bliss and euphoria

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Its a shame.

I feel pretty on the outside, even through the tears and sensitivity
they say i deserve the universe,
but only a speck of dirt is what i take,its what i accept,what I feel worthy

why cant we just lay down together? Why is love gone?
why cant you see me?
everything feels dead and silent
not necessarily evil or bad
just still and empty

never there at beginning

nap in the barn hay
strands of coarse against my skin
dark hair fallen wild yet calm like the summers breeze
i want you to find peace,and tranquility within me

over bare shoulder blades,
covering naked clavicles,
warm tone ricochets off every inch of your content face
sunrise sleeps in our skin,it likes it here,i like it here..but what is here?

even through the raw
the red stains roses bled
through torn white lace
wetting my fingertips,held to my lips

i still see you, pretty

tired eyes glancing over your eyes
youre blind
youre deaf
youre sore,now

i cannot help..but only ache


you ask why my hair is neatly tied,
i turn my head in confusion...
strands blowing crazily upon my flickering eyes..
why cant you see me?

why cant we talk...
why cant we feel
why cant we look into eachother
why cant we just lay?

Monday, February 15, 2010

I dont understand!

is that website ...for real?

haha.. honestly,I....,would never spend that amount of money on clothing.,for harry potters sake. Seriously?

"the Malibu bohemian becomes one with nature."

Oh yeah,totally. because spending over three THOUSAND dollars on a dress definitely benefits mother earth and the humble beauty of the universe o___O Psh..forget the starving children,battered wives,homeless men or mistreated animals... lets go shopping excessively ,then throw on a piece of material around our heads and call us peace loving flower children! :D *thumbs up*

Hippie isn't a fashion, its not a cool trend,its a not a pretty look,or type of clothing.

its a lifestyle.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Im a crazy crazy girl.

Im just swimming and spinning;swaying and floating, seeping and drowning;twirling and soaking.. in a beautiful swirl and warping psychedalia,whirlpool of neon andromeda

This is why i wont go to school for photography

I appreciate this page.. yet at the same time,these "rules",tips,or lessons,if you will...seem so foreign to me... deaf advice ,I don't understand.. I dont care for...

I don't want to have to take a class (nor have I ever) on what angle my photos should be taken on,or pointers on how It can "look" better.. I want to just go out there, nature,by inner/passionate instinct..and follow my heart.

;) Thats how the REAL magic happens! Just experiment, explore, create. If you dont like it at first, Try again... you begin to learn from your mistakes,your eyes..begin to just naturally see,what looks good, to you... (which is what matters most) and other souls alike, will be drawn and have that same appreciation :) its all about filling that gap in yourself, feeding that ache and crave, the eye YOU have,for things...

who says we cant do this or that?

I want to rewrite everything,start anew.

erase the past book of rules,and burn it to ashes,throw it up above my head..

"They call me Naive, I say they are just all too sheep too alike. Who wants to take my hand and step out of the box,with me? Forget these safe zones,the lace of restriction blisters my skin."

I love the strange and unusual
the ugly,the aimless

there is innocence,beauty,purity...

simplicity in the seemingly complex and twisted up..

i love abstract,
i love love love everything! ... but photography classes :P


how interesting.

Date: Jan 28, 2010 1:29 PM

"Absolute, or ultimate, bodhicitta, which refers to the wisdom of shunyata (śunyatā, a Sanskrit term often translated as "emptiness", though the alternatives "openness" or "spaciousness" probably convey the idea better to Westerners) [3]. The concept of śunyatā in Buddhist thought does not refer to nothingness, but to freedom from attachments (particularly attachment to the idea of a static or essential self) and from fixed ideas about the world and how it should be. "

And why do these words stand out to me so enticing...


"I hear it in my head,real low.."

Date: Jan 27, 2010 8:16 PM

God, I love music. with all my little heart! It helps me,so much... forever a friend. It inspires me,in every way. It gives me feeling,comfort, life within...

Tonight,I thought:

All these mysteries,all these wonders of the world..what would they be,if we already knew of them?
these puzzles,these questions..what would they be worth,if we already knew the answers.. Already solved the equation.
these materialism,this success,what would its significance be,if we quickly obtained them?
This fantasy... this yearning..burning..aching,desire..what would it be..if it suddenly became..reality

this happiness..what would it be...what would it mean,if we wereforever happy?

without a struggle
without a journey
without a road
without obstacles ,
without a challenge
without time,
ticking away clock,and passing moments..and if time is nothing,than
fading into the night shadows that splash against the wall..
without patience, without restriction..
without pain...

there is no beauty,see..

A part of me truly wants to keep my fantasy a fantasy,
I dont want to make it a reality..

where is your purpose,once you know all the knowledge, or..
Like a wealthy man,where is his endeavor
once he has bought all the objects in the universe?

Oh,just a random thought.

I thought of that "man that has everything"..
where is there to go..
what is there for us to do..
once we have...everything
or perhaps simply fed with that moment we crave..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please open your eyes..

Alot of people I know,and care for are currently going through things that really tears me apart to see. I dont understand. The pain, I well know... but the reaction,is currently so foriegn to me... So the following:

Sorry, but in this life,our world is our creation. Dont settle for less,dont "wait for tomorrow", dont excuse situations. physical existence is so limited, time spent in our human bodies,so shallow and almost irrelevant.. this time,in this demension like sand through our hands. People we meet,and come across, such a beautiful thing- human connection. but you cannot gain good,without leaving the bad..and whats even worse,is then after limiting ourselves to solely the BAD,and tilting our heads in confusion,and asking..."why is this happening to me"? we dont even have the right to wonder... because the answer is so clear,in front of us. We did this. We created this. There is no such thing as blame. People come,people go...though we cannot control any force, nothing is really infinite,nothing is certain, there is nothing we "own", or truly possess,besides our inner spirit. we must always remember to filter,edit,alter those aquantiances and relationships. We have the ability and the POWER to choose what we expose ourselves to,and surround ourselves in. To make changes,to create better in worse,to lighten in dark. To get rid of those bad energies,and replace them with better. We are in charge, we are artists. We choose those who we wish to associate ourselves with. Be wise,be careful, be open.

Only we can put things at start and end. we as humans,mother earth, life itself, a forever state of change.. growing,flowing, evolving. even in stillness,we float ,not pause. Dont ever settle for less. Dont limit yourself. Dont fear. Fear is evil,fear is consuming. Fear destroys creation. Go out there,risk. "i'd rather move,make motion than sit still in worse"There is nothing to be afraid of. Even death,is true paradise. Is our initial,native land... where we were born to return. Life,is just a moment. A stage. Pretty Adventures on earth are just preparations for eternal BEAUTY in death. All is full of love. All is gentle,and right,..... only if you create it that way, though.