Wednesday, February 24, 2010

from depths..

tonight,the pain is so bad
i feel it rising in my throat
too thick to swallow
blistering allover my flesh
taunting my childish mind
all i ever wanted was love
naive,cliche, sheep like,i know.
this burn,too scorching to sleep with

who will love me?
who will crave my love?
who will accept my love?
who will protect me,and cherish me purely?

this sore,too raw to sleep with
all i ever wanted was love
text book, fairytale, girlish,i know.

tonight,i sleep with this ache
this sting
this reality
i am alone
for so long,i will be alone
i can feel and sense

unpretty in everyway
who would want to hold me
or tell me sweet things?

all i ever wanted was love
you left and now theres no one else


  1. i love the way you have with words
    you are such a unique human being
    and i am certain you could find so many who would love you the way in which you deserve
    and yet...the one you want has gone?? :(
    do you have myspace or facebook hun????

  2. I thought of you when I saw this yesterday...

    sry you will hav to cut and paste but trust me it's worth it...
    * ; )
    stay solid, little Lo...