Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please open your eyes..

Alot of people I know,and care for are currently going through things that really tears me apart to see. I dont understand. The pain, I well know... but the reaction,is currently so foriegn to me... So the following:

Sorry, but in this life,our world is our creation. Dont settle for less,dont "wait for tomorrow", dont excuse situations. physical existence is so limited, time spent in our human bodies,so shallow and almost irrelevant.. this time,in this demension like sand through our hands. People we meet,and come across, such a beautiful thing- human connection. but you cannot gain good,without leaving the bad..and whats even worse,is then after limiting ourselves to solely the BAD,and tilting our heads in confusion,and asking..."why is this happening to me"? we dont even have the right to wonder... because the answer is so clear,in front of us. We did this. We created this. There is no such thing as blame. People come,people go...though we cannot control any force, nothing is really infinite,nothing is certain, there is nothing we "own", or truly possess,besides our inner spirit. we must always remember to filter,edit,alter those aquantiances and relationships. We have the ability and the POWER to choose what we expose ourselves to,and surround ourselves in. To make changes,to create better in worse,to lighten in dark. To get rid of those bad energies,and replace them with better. We are in charge, we are artists. We choose those who we wish to associate ourselves with. Be wise,be careful, be open.

Only we can put things at start and end. we as humans,mother earth, life itself,...at a forever state of change.. growing,flowing, evolving. even in stillness,we float ,not pause. Dont ever settle for less. Dont limit yourself. Dont fear. Fear is evil,fear is consuming. Fear destroys creation. Go out there,risk. "i'd rather move,make motion than sit still in worse"There is nothing to be afraid of. Even death,is true paradise. Is our initial,native land... where we were born to return. Life,is just a moment. A stage. Pretty Adventures on earth are just preparations for eternal BEAUTY in death. All is full of love. All is gentle,and right,..... only if you create it that way, though.

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