Thursday, February 18, 2010

Its a shame.

I feel pretty on the outside, even through the tears and sensitivity
they say i deserve the universe,
but only a speck of dirt is what i take,its what i accept,what I feel worthy

why cant we just lay down together? Why is love gone?
why cant you see me?
everything feels dead and silent
not necessarily evil or bad
just still and empty

never there at beginning

nap in the barn hay
strands of coarse against my skin
dark hair fallen wild yet calm like the summers breeze
i want you to find peace,and tranquility within me

over bare shoulder blades,
covering naked clavicles,
warm tone ricochets off every inch of your content face
sunrise sleeps in our skin,it likes it here,i like it here..but what is here?

even through the raw
the red stains roses bled
through torn white lace
wetting my fingertips,held to my lips

i still see you, pretty

tired eyes glancing over your eyes
youre blind
youre deaf
youre sore,now

i cannot help..but only ache


you ask why my hair is neatly tied,
i turn my head in confusion...
strands blowing crazily upon my flickering eyes..
why cant you see me?

why cant we talk...
why cant we feel
why cant we look into eachother
why cant we just lay?

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