Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is why i wont go to school for photography

I appreciate this page.. yet at the same time,these "rules",tips,or lessons,if you will...seem so foreign to me... deaf advice ,I don't understand.. I dont care for...

I don't want to have to take a class (nor have I ever) on what angle my photos should be taken on,or pointers on how It can "look" better.. I want to just go out there, nature,by inner/passionate instinct..and follow my heart.

;) Thats how the REAL magic happens! Just experiment, explore, create. If you dont like it at first, Try again... you begin to learn from your mistakes,your eyes..begin to just naturally see,what looks good, to you... (which is what matters most) and other souls alike, will be drawn and have that same appreciation :) its all about filling that gap in yourself, feeding that ache and crave, the eye YOU have,for things...

who says we cant do this or that?

I want to rewrite everything,start anew.

erase the past book of rules,and burn it to ashes,throw it up above my head..

"They call me Naive, I say they are just all too sheep too alike. Who wants to take my hand and step out of the box,with me? Forget these safe zones,the lace of restriction blisters my skin."

I love the strange and unusual
the ugly,the aimless

there is innocence,beauty,purity...

simplicity in the seemingly complex and twisted up..

i love abstract,
i love love love everything! ... but photography classes :P


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