Monday, February 15, 2010

I dont understand!

is that website ...for real?

haha.. honestly,I....,would never spend that amount of money on clothing.,for harry potters sake. Seriously?

"the Malibu bohemian becomes one with nature."

Oh yeah,totally. because spending over three THOUSAND dollars on a dress definitely benefits mother earth and the humble beauty of the universe o___O Psh..forget the starving children,battered wives,homeless men or mistreated animals... lets go shopping excessively ,then throw on a piece of material around our heads and call us peace loving flower children! :D *thumbs up*

Hippie isn't a fashion, its not a cool trend,its a not a pretty look,or type of clothing.

its a lifestyle.

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  1. Exactly. An actual "hippie" would sh!t a gold brick looking at that photo spread...$96 for the "long stone necklace" made me's called: get some beads and ribbon or lace-leather and make it yo'self, biatch! *ha!* funny.
    I do like that aqua-and-mirrors Missoni dress...but if I spent $2,000++ on it, I wouldn't want to be called a hippie...
    * ; )