Saturday, February 6, 2010

"I hear it in my head,real low.."

Date: Jan 27, 2010 8:16 PM

God, I love music. with all my little heart! It helps me,so much... forever a friend. It inspires me,in every way. It gives me feeling,comfort, life within...

Tonight,I thought:

All these mysteries,all these wonders of the world..what would they be,if we already knew of them?
these puzzles,these questions..what would they be worth,if we already knew the answers.. Already solved the equation.
these materialism,this success,what would its significance be,if we quickly obtained them?
This fantasy... this yearning..burning..aching,desire..what would it be..if it suddenly became..reality

this happiness..what would it be...what would it mean,if we wereforever happy?

without a struggle
without a journey
without a road
without obstacles ,
without a challenge
without time,
ticking away clock,and passing moments..and if time is nothing,than
fading into the night shadows that splash against the wall..
without patience, without restriction..
without pain...

there is no beauty,see..

A part of me truly wants to keep my fantasy a fantasy,
I dont want to make it a reality..

where is your purpose,once you know all the knowledge, or..
Like a wealthy man,where is his endeavor
once he has bought all the objects in the universe?

Oh,just a random thought.

I thought of that "man that has everything"..
where is there to go..
what is there for us to do..
once we have...everything
or perhaps simply fed with that moment we crave..

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