Monday, January 17, 2011

shut the F3ck up.

Youre too thin.
youre too fat.
Youre too tall.
Youre too short.
Youre too blonde.
Youre too brunette.
Youre too pale.
Youre too tan.
You wear too much makeup.
eeh.. it wouldnt hurt for you to put alittle makeup on.
Why do you dress up?
Why are you always look too casual?

I dont like the red, I like the red
get off my hair,
dont touch my legs
stop grabbing,

Let me be.

Sick of hearing everyone in my ear.

maybe I really should thank god that I'm not a supermodel.


  1. Tell me about it. So fucking sick of hearing "maybe you should wear something more casual" or people yapping on about being a size 6 or whatever shit they can come up with to make you study every little detail in the mirror and sigh. Fuck iiiit.

    And this whole slut thing. I just don't want a boyfriend because yano what? They'll crush you like an insect so I have the benefits of a boyfriend without getting serious with him, why is that such a problem? Everyone makes their own decisions. /rant

  2. "I appreciate your input." (continue smoking, reading, walking, talking on phone, w/e)

    "According to...?"

    "Well we can't all look alike, thank god. But it's working for you, sweetie."

    "Too_____ for what? I wasn't aware that I was auditioning." or "This is not an audition."

    I actually want to make a shirt that says "not auditioning." *hahaha!

    & of course my new pet phrase:

    People who make petty comments like that just don't kno what to do about their own don't have to stomp them, but you do deserve to get left alone, & yeah, f&%k em. Your appearance is not a topic for public debate.
    <3 2 u!

  3. some people don't deserve opinions