Thursday, March 21, 2013

You can feel...anything.

Skin is only as good as what lies within it...
existence is only as powerful as you make it.

The act of creating and destroying...
Embracing change, and abandoning safety
Preservation. Decompositon.
Feeling invincable in our incompetant human form
Feeling explosive underneath our ant-like limbs..
Taking the blame for our broken composition
Our beautiful disfigurement
Our childlike breath

Killing ourselves and reviving ourselves
Everything is momentary,
and who cares for being scolded...
Everything is beautiful..
and who has time for feeling flawless

we will live our own triump
we will write our own lectures.

I'd rather be tattered than papercut-less

I want to lay here, just to fly
and jump off just to fall...

Kaleidoscope-like transitioning,
into stagnant waves of pain and articulation
It will sculpt you,says the bruises. The slices.

 The amount of strength it takes to truly mastering acceptance
No crutches. Raw endurance.
The amount of skill it takes to indulge, then Starve again.
Organizing these colorless pixels of sour times and recollection with a smirk
they stain my hands, but strengthen my craft.

I hate selective hearing...
I dont want to become that,
I still spit on your brand names.
living that way..
Its like the attempt to tame wind through your fingers...

The sight within closed eyes.

I'll numb again, only to de-ice..

 The art of twisting and tangling situations,
The web of complexity lies within you
The universe lies within you
Sincere appreciation for everything unedited.

 Just being.

 I complain about the mess,
but really, I'm responsible for it.
 I create my own chaos
and I wouldnt have it any other fucking way.

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