Thursday, November 19, 2009


Alot of people have alot of different perspectives of who I am. As people do with everyone, of course, nothing unique or special.

I'm a different person to my mother,than the person I am to my boyfriend,then the person I am to my doctor,then the person I am to my brother.

Alot of people have.. no idea. Theres a very scarce amount of those who actually hit the nail on the head,or at least begin to understand the tip of a few layers of me, (or desire to attempt).

Some times I enjoy being able to float from persona to persona.. Like an undercover secret agent. Like a sly actress.. Pulling off different hair colors and clothing styles... Thats all that people can understand,comprehend..or see nowadays. Hmm... Or maybe.. These "days" have no relevance,and they have never seen beyond that, ANY day..whether it being now...a days..or hundreds of years ago. ;) So I am going to scratch that "nowadays" term off of my brain.

If I look a certain way,Its all that I must be? If I look a certain way,the depth lies within the material of my clothing.. IT t all ends here, like a restricted area. And If I look that way,it must mean that everything else beyond and underneath that,MUST align and follow up,supporting the initial appearance?

example: If I am blonde, I must ONLY listen to britney spears and care about makeup.
If I have BLACK hair, I must ONLY listen to metal, and dress gothic.

I'm Pretty,So I must be a bitch.

I have Big lips, So I must inject them.

I have skinny arms/legs,So I must be anorexic.

I like hello kitty,so I must be "scene".

I got drunk,and cut off my hair one night..
After realizing What a mistake and tragedy that was,
I bought Extensions..So,I must be scene for wearing them too.

I wear Skirts,So I must be a slut.

I take revealing photos,So I must be easy.

I don't reply to every message,comment,or pic comment..
So I must be a stuck up,Ungrateful,and unappreciative Little bitch.

I'm friendly to both sexes,..
So I must be excessively flirtatious,thus,I'm a whore.

My hair is dark,and sometimes Falls over my eyes,
So I MUST be emo.

I write emotional poetry,and I'm not afraid to Express myself,
So I must be even more Emo.

I have a ton of myspace photos,
so I must be self esteem less,Craving Attention..
and fishing for compliments.
Strangers on myspace,Have a huge effect on my life,
because other's opinions must Boost my ego.
My Self esteem must revolve on the New pic comments!Sign I see.

I photoshop some of my photos,So it MUST mean I'm
secretly hideous and unrecognizable in person.

I say I'm deeply in love,but it must be bullshit.. Because I'm Young.
I say I'll want the same person,and care for them forever,but It must Mean nothing,
because I'm Confused,I have lack of experience,And I'm still yet to mature.

Alot of people..naturally stereotype without thought,its a part of our human nature,sadly. But I really respect/admire/am drawn to those who see so deep and beyond, to those who REALIZE,there is so much everyone. We are puzzles,stories,equations. There is so much more to us than our bodies. There are stories and beautiful fairytales waiting to be told beyond the soft or coarseness... the touch of our human skin.

do I not seem like the "type" to you? .. Or.. "Oh..does it SURPRISE you that I am interested in this or that?" all because I look like.. that or that? They have NO idea. Is this why I am so seemingly significant once you get to know me?? Because I within your stereotypes? I'm


  1. "...I got drunk,and cut off my hair one night..
    After realizing What a mistake and tragedy that was,
    I bought Extensions.."
    *heehee!* I buy fake hair too, Darce. ain't no thanng. I bought a pair of baby-blue dredlock pony-falls a couple years ago and I still wear them!

  2. i agree with this so much. people always have to pigeon hole you into something they think you are..people don't realise the complexities of human characters...well...those that choose to philosophise, rather than those who aimlessly follow others and are nothing but superficiality.