Friday, November 27, 2009

My bedroom.

So, my furniture is yet to come.. But I am really excited on how I am going to "design" this room of mine ;p

I have decided to fill these walls with everything that reflects my personality.

FASHION-(magazine cutouts),
Inspiration- belly dancing images,
Legends- Marilyn monroe, I have always adored her ever since I knew of her existence
Fantasy/Surrealism(unicorns/mermaids/princesses/faeries,ballerinas,even goblins?)
Mark ryden ;) gets his own category.
CONCEPTS- Lolita lolita ;p Oh what is a room without expression of the things we adore? the things that possibly...make us?

Just a couple of days ago, I went into a home store,and saw the most mesmerizing,beautiful,painting. Whos elegance inspired my default photo. It was a painting (by who, I do not know!) Of a beautiful woman, in the Victorian era,sitting in a chair with a beautiful silk wrap. She had such a lovely side profile,and beautiful hair. So divine. so feminine. So delicate, yet powerful .I stared at it for so long, I didnt want to leave the store! Soon, hopefully I will have that painting. :) It was so huge, Will most likely take up most of one wall. but I adore it.
I also saw a beautiful painting of an autumn scene. The auburn/burgundy and amber colors stood out so much,and again,hypnotizing me with beauty and strange...yet pleasurable cognition..

I love staring at a painting..or smelling candles for cognition
sends so many feelings in my head
and inspires me so much.

just looking at the autumn painting, I thought of almost.. alittle story in my head.. or movie if you will. of what would and could go on in the painting...wishing these places where real life, so i could visit them if they werent already.

was bored tonight,so by my closet.. (I like to call the little fashion area, full of clothes,my collection of shoes,socks (mostly my fancy for knee highs) bags,neck ties,and hats... I decided to put back up my old fashion mag cut outs! ;) mostly urban outfitters cut outs. I love beautiful images. I want to full my room with this.

I dont mind if everything clashes, as I have said.. I want it to reflect and express ME.. I dont care if it seems like one big clutter, as long as its a clutter of art i enjoy.I want EVERYTHING I adore to be in my room, not just one thing. I want all the odds,and even, all the elegant,and edgy,all the soft and loud. everything ;)

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