Thursday, December 16, 2010

Should we even care at all?

Sometimes we get tired,
but we're so high
so high on life and the hopes
and thoughts and visions and needing

the aches in our core
for taste
real real,delicious taste

and smiles,
real wide,real nice smiles

so we lay down for a while and cry
but after wards... I am wanting something.

I feel light by my fingertips and I begin to float

I just want to dance with you
so lets dance,
together under the strobe light,under the roaring bass
I want to sweat with you
cigarette in hand,
hair in face
lets jump,
hold hands
lift your arms and sway

eyeliner and heels.
we're celebrities in the crowd-

we'll lasso stares, and fetch more drinks
my back to you,
my eyes in yours
your kiss,
your hands
your beating heart
your heat and your wanting..

we're alive.
we're safe now,
because we're dancing
the music is an ocean
and we're all under water
zombies from the pressure in our brains
all we can do is sip and smile
all we can feel is absolutely perfect

dont worry,because the beat will catch you
dont worry because i'll keep you safe,
and if I fail, the music will save you.


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