Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Like our argument.

"I know this sounds completely made up, but I felt taller somehow and ..prettier."


  1. Everything you witness or experience in a heightened state of consciousness is actually occurring all the time,'s only that the catalyst of the drug allows our brain to gain access to the different parts of itself that allow us to perceive those things...all things are "alive" and moving and speak in their own tongues...plants and animals communicate at a different level that can be considered subsonic, supersonic, telepathic, or even in thought-forms or pictures...we have access to greater communication and heightened perception of our own bodies, ethereal selves, spirit bodies, past and future selves, spirit guides, animal guides (and "animal selves"!)...ALL that!!
    Of course, Blondie is reading a lot into your one little picture and comment, but I hope it means what I believe you're implying.

    & I am quite sure you can't get any prettier, but if you now perceive yourself as "prettier"...well...I've felt that way too.
    As if the film of the buildup of worldly scum has been washed away...a clean baby-me with only my soul's TRUE beauty left to shine out...!!!

  2. Hey there. Its been a while ... Cool blog :)