Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just a day in the rain.

today,i got caught in the rain.
soaking wet,drenched and freezing as every breeze felt like ice on my skin..

In every interesting weather,I think of him.

I always have this image of him floating up in the sky somewhere controlling all the storms and windy days ;p

It was so beautiful,yet sad at the same time.

As I was walking alone, i felt ..connected.
to something.
to someone.
to something,AND someone?

perhaps to him

perhaps to the universe as well.
to my spirit,my power within.


I really felt the fear inside release from me..
as I smelt the rain hit the burning gravel,
earlier hot from over 100 summer weather..
as I felt the wind in my hair..

i felt so alive


a feeling of liveliness.

I was thinking of bleaching my hair blonde,until i smelt the rain.
until I realized..why?

why change?

why do my hair?
if all that this universe.
is this..sensation.right here.

how would i keep up with roots if I someday truly decide to live in a forest somewhere?
far from sallys beauty supply shops..
and at that moment,
hair styling so wrong and shallow to me.

and all i could think about..
was.."this is all i need in life. just and the ground beneath my and this wonderful nature,mother earth and sky in the sky above me."

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