Friday, July 30, 2010

Just a thought..

tattoo "Forward" on my wrist.

I have no pity for people who aren't willing to help themselves.
Question; Is it that you want true happiness,or is it that you are ill
and desire a truly ILLUSIVE,FALSE happiness that will only make you
sicker? Keep moving forward. There is no sense or point in walking behind yourself..
Theres such thing as "back" and "forth" for a reason. There is purpose for the distinction between the two. To get to one point,or another... Don't sit there in extraordinary WONDER at why your universe hasnt turned if you are still returning,and taking that step behind.

I understand its beautiful to have those "walking backwards" moments, but keep them at mere is too beautiful to experience your ONLY steps solely from completely behind.

Action is the effect of state of mind,
Action is the effect of desire.
Everything in this human force revolves around desire...

Think for a minute, What thoughts are going through YOUR head?
where is YOUR energy truly taking you?

what do you TRULY desire?

or a feeble, selfish human settlement for an IDEA,and petty desire of something you desperately consider nice,but really isnt all that lovely for you in reality?

We have to take care of ourselves.

thought: If it makes you feel sick, Move forward. Don't try to change it, help it, or wait for it. Its not meant for you this moment.

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  1. God that was hard for me to hear atm because I know well the direction I need to go in but I'm too afraid to accept it. I will though.