Wednesday, July 7, 2010


everyone please sign this petition to hopefully save this womans life,and many others in the future



HELP Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Petition

help Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, any voice and heart counts.. though you may believe evil will not hear,the universe,and god will. Perhaps this is her destiny..A "god" in the sky orchestrates our chosen fate.. regardless of those around us..who loves us..and wish us to stay here on earth..(maybe death really is out of our hands,mere magic already cast upon stone,and glitter blown into air,much long before,and beyond our control..) but perhaps this is not... perhaps people,perhaps WE,are sent from god to help prevent murder like this.

This is disgusting, This is barbaric. Animals kill prey,in a less senseless manner.

This is a twisted act,hung behind twisted morals... All of control,and evil.

Man who feeds off of self righteousness and power over others..

If this was just,why isnt the man who she supposedly had relations with,paying a sin as well?

Though I'm sure she hadn't even sinned..and even so...

he who has no sins cast the first stone.. it is for God to judge, not men

and I dont believe ANY god would sentence a woman,nor man,nor child,nor animal,nor element to a death so brutal, for any reason.


  1. I have already signed this....I don't think people understand the reality of what this form of a death-sentence really is. One of the most horrific things I can imagine. And here in the 21st century, a punishment still reserved pretty much for women only.

    There is no place in the world for cruelty like this...

  2. I agree with you 100%..and sad because most,or some Americans..well no,PEOPLE,in general..cant even take the time,to spare a few seconds to sign.. like I mentioned.. maybe her death,is completely out of the hands of man.. (though seemingly, obviously DONE by man.. )

    but our help cannot hurt.. I mean, I imagine It cant. Though I fear, all this american/worldwide attention could inspire them to kill her even quicker out of spite...

    These women are treated like dogs, I dont understand.. No god would want this.

  3. I've read loads of books by an Afghan author so I know a lot about this. It's not a rare occurrence. It's so obvious why this shit happens. I don't like the way religion has these little boxed away categories with special names and special books. It's dangerous for someone to say "Ok I'm going to do everything this book tells me to do even though it was written by someone else". We can all think for ourselves.

    This is why I don't think religion will cure the world of evil, it usually causes division but sometimes good can come from it.

    The important thing is to teach the youth how to be a good person and think for themselves! That's more important than learning about any religion. A person shouldn't need a book to tell them that. When a person believes everything a book tells them things like this happen!

    The thing is, powerful religious extremists feed inequality because they will not allow people to think for themselves.If people had freedom to think for themselves from birth their own natural feelings would to tell them that this is obviously wrong.

  4. That is true.. And from personal experience with certain family that "hide" behind false religion,... Gods love is gentle,and not forced upon someone...

    I don't think anyone God would wan't this... and if people cannot naturally feel that spirit,and energy within their hearts that is WRONG, that beautiful feeling that overrules ANY book, then you know that they are truly taken over by evil. ;)

    damn lets run before they hack our accounts and try to stone US! ha :P jk