Thursday, November 11, 2010

but what can you do?

Remove your beautiful eyes from my mind. Remove them. I'll close my eyes,and all I see are yours.

sometimes pain settles deep in us, we cannot cleanse the wound allover.
Perhaps its meant to be here for a reason,for a moment. for a cause.

So i'll accept this ache. Thats all there is to it.

"what could ya do?"

what else..can you really do?


  1. Nothin.. Maybe it's not meant to be. I thought someone was everything to me, then it turned out to be a beautiful trap. I've found a soul and I can't reach it for the same reason I'm writing this so cryptic. So I just accept until it changes. Read Rilke. He's who I turn to when I'm sad. He told me "no feeling is final".

  2. ~ the degree to which you feel love for someone, however profound, is the same degree to which you feel pain when that person hurts you ~

    some wise person said that. not me.

  3. So beautiful, both comments,and true. Thank you<3

    Maybe it is meant to be ,its just that selfish human habit, always wanting to control..always 'wanting' in general...well..simply..for love. I suppose.
    To smile.

    Happiness,is addictive. Once you get a little taste, it drives you mad. You search for it the rest of your life. Even if centuries have passed and you still haven't felt it yet, the mechanical scar of an old smile still engraved across your face.