Sunday, November 14, 2010

hurts so good.

why am i blogging when i should be doing homework? ;) ah, some things only god knows.

"If you're unopen to love, you're unopen to LIFE. Travel a same illusive road to nowhere. All in the distance is a mirage of beauty, but is hollow at the core if its not built purely on a foundation of compassionate soil."
Mmm. Thought of the moment.

I'm also loving this black nailpolish,and oversized,obnoxious rings. Straight hair,Fishnet and small dresses. High high heels, or small if they are vintage.

I want to start a European magazine collection. And work at the bookstore. Go around everywhere faking my british accent, and taking more polaroid pictures.

Fill my room with photos of france, I'll live there someday.



  1. It feels good to just surround yourself with the beautiful person you've built yourself. I neeed that. Everyday tasks/catching buses and fighting with my boyfriend stop me. Selfish little me. haha

  2. haha no, Its a beautiful part of being human to get caught up in that.. the fast paced flash by motion and consistent buzz of life,is most natural. is HOW, you create and find a balance. to be in that moment,and slowly become one with it, naturally creating yourself on its own instead of waking up oneday with a pen and paper, "planning" who you want to be, you know? you are on the perfect path, just breathing. :) All else will fall into place with your allowing, your will, your hand. you already have the powerful mind! we all do.