Monday, November 8, 2010

I pray.

fucking crow at your shoulder. begging it to leave.

Ana is probably the most misunderstood right now. She's a face, highly uneducated to the public. People assume,and accuse everyone feelings,symptoms and triggers.

Swift, cunning. The strongest are broken, The purest are rotten.
The logical are irrational.

Look at me... I love Christ. To hurt the human body, the holy spirit, is to hurt Jesus. Go figure.

The wicked, sly thing about ana is..even if you do not dance with her, fully act with her.. even if you push her away... she waits. She is patient,and she returns.

Like a poison,she sneaks in. You are unaware. You are innocent.

She spoils and ravishes. A thief.

A liar.

The devil will promise you paradise,with a warm cup of pain. Sacrifice.
He whispers for you to sip . The warmth of this drink,will melt away your cold,and heat your numbness. It will comfort, it will fix.

If you drink this cup, he will forever grant you with a feeling of perfection, happiness unlike anything else. So you listen to him.. you believe.. Might as well,because nothing else has taken your nightmares away. nothing else has healed your wounds... he sounds honest.

but in the end, he leaves you with that cup.. that cup..and much more. The road you have chose, the path that lead you here.. and all the consequence and agony that follows.

so..there is really no way out.

I drag my feet along....
Wonder how low this will last.

Praying she leaves. Hes got me by the throat, tonight. Whispering beautiful,erotic things...

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