Sunday, February 1, 2009

I want to.

I told him to run away with me.

I said I wanted to live somewhere pretty,in the countryside.

Just me and you.thats all we need.

Life is all about love. That is the reason of life,I believe.
Theres pain to endure,
but why do we endure it?
because of pain? no.theres more to pain,
theres love,and light.

Without love,there is no life.

Drop your gun.
Forget your drink.

take my hand,and run away with me.

I'm not scared,
you shouldnt be either.

Dont fear the world,its none to fear
youre the only one who scares me every now and then
and i'm sure I scare you sometimes too,but its all just in your head.

I told him to run away with me.

We could leave as soon as possible,please?
A roadtrip to an unknown destination
We can listen to fleetwood mac while driving through deserts and forests,
farmland and endless plains
off of the grid,the greedy,grabby hands of this piggish society.
If the government was a man (not that it isnt) but a man,in flesh and physical form,
standing tall,in a handsome tux,clean cut face and romantic eyes,
I would see right through his devilish thought and cheat him because of his gluttonous ways.

I'd never cheat on you,though.
you know i wouldnt. i love you,remember?

I told him to take me away,forever.
We can throw out the television,and lay in bed allday.
I would kiss your face
I would run my hands gently over your cheek,and rest it on your chin
you can pause your finger by my lip
i'll kiss it
thats not all that i'll kiss

i was feeling all needy,and scared and romantic

"run away with me." I said.

and then he went back to playing his 'sims'.

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  1. I wish someone would talk to me like that. How could anyone be distracted by anything else in this world when propositiopned by you is beyond me. Or maybe it's just prose not based in reality...but I doubt it.