Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Youre making me laugh.

Stop trying to "save" me,or help me.I don't even know you.
It's not going to work,really.

If my own mother cannot really affect me in a way a "savior" would,then why the hell would a STRANGER on the internet do so?

I mean,seriously.
and that whole "anonymity" isnt flattering or helpful either,so don't think thats supposed to soothe much.

My body,My life.

I'm not touching you,or your life.

I appreciate the supposed "compassion" but mind your business.

Do you go up to obese people,and try to to straighten their lives out by telling them they should eat less,and get help?
Do you randomly walk up to someone on the sidewalk,whos smoking a cigarette and tell them its a disgusting habit,and that they need to quit as soon as possible?



1] most people dont care.
2] people who DO care dont have the BALLS to do something in public.

chances are,I'm not your friend.
chances are,you don't even care about me,I dont care about you,really.

Go help someone who wants it.
Who really really..needs it.
because in my eyes,everything happens for a reason.I have faith,I have security.

Dont tell me how to live.
Dont tell me how to act.

Worse things are done,everyday..right under your nose..
majority of which you cannot physically see..
but and then you jump right up to try to criticize or "save" me just because you can see it on my skin?

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