Tuesday, February 3, 2009

O bjork,O bjork.Save me from this hell.

Perhaps 'headphones saved her life', Bjork endlessly saves mine.

I wish I had someone to talk to .Someone to relate to.
People dont understand,I think shes the only one who would.
Oh how stereotypically youthful,naive,emo and stubborn I must sound.I know,right?
"teenage angst."*cough* Label as you wish.

In reality?No.not at all. A persons ability to feel,a persons perception and breathtaking,overwhelming cognition should not be measured by the number of years they have existed.

A four year old can endure just as much as a 40 year old.

Its the truth though.

I cant talk to someone without them saying I "Think too much","over analyze" or that i'm the biggest theatrical artist/drama queen on the planet.

Its because I use big words and talk with emotion,and abstract,spatial,neon colored art flying every from my mouth.

I talk and feel at the same time.My words must physically rub against peoples skin or something.

Then theres those assholes who just dont get it at all.
i mean the jerks who mock me,make fun of me,or just cant comprehend me at all,are ONE thing.they are just ignorant,

but the fucking assholes who snap back at whatever beautiful connection I am trying to share with them,really get to me.

The ones who are just completely rude and tear apart any innocence I gently hand to them.

They dont deserve such a gift.



My love.

Read this pitiful post of mine,and contact me.


no,but seriously.

She is one of like 2 or 3 artists/ HUMAN BEINGS in this entire universe who I feel like i can relate too.

someone I know who understands.Somewhere whos beauty and intact innocence is so rare,stealing my breath away.

I have this beautiful feeling in the pit of my stomach,
a have this pulsating ache,this needy stimulation and powerful vibration in the palms of my nerous hands.. Dying to create something,a creation screaming to be born.

I need to share this with someone,
what is love,without human connection?
what is beauty,without human connection?

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  1. You're too advanced for your peers and too outrageous for your elders, but it's obvious there are people who relate to you the same way you relate to Bjork.