Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Materialism: My wishlist.

I NEVER do this, ..

for one, I think there are alot more important things out there in the universe and alot more meaningful,conceptual,beautiful things to blog about before clothing or simple tangible items.

I feel like theres such a great power out there,in the centered pit of the universe. Its emotional,Its mental,Its an energy. Sometimes I even feel like its PHYSICAL.

Alot of girls are side tracked with false eyelashes,expensive pumps and play boy covers,They forget the actual beauty of life.. The materiallism pulls them away like a shallow wind, deceiving them from ever reaching that perfect,beautiful internal "pit".

I feel like Fashion is beautiful,but theres too many people out there who are unable to think past it.
Theres not enough metaphorical,spiritual beauty out there or bloggers who discuss deeper thoughts or more emotional perceptions.

BUT,I'm making an exception this time because I have come across so many adorable clothing pieces, And I cant keep track. So I think it would be cute to express it on here,and also easier for me to remember the websites they were on,so when it comes down to ordering them,I can actually do so :P

My relationship with fashion:

I like to consider myself an actress in many ways. An actress, in a way so non typical or litteral.

I take on different roles,I place myself in many different shoes (litterally) haha And fashion is something that I really consider to be an infinate sea for me to dive into. Role playing, Being theatrical but genuine and emotional at the same time with my clothing. Its an art.

Ultimate motto:
I'd rather be 'NO WAY' instead of One way. I'm not just a few things, I'm everything. I really dislike when people limit themselves to different fashions,or only stick to a few basic styles.

Fashion is becoming more and more of my life.

Signature style: Pretty textures,and popping patterns. PLAID,PLAID,PLAID.I can never get enough plaid.Mens neck ties,knee high socks,berets and mary janes. Heart shaped sunglasses, saddle shoes, Mod collared mini dresses,deep& rich colors that contrast with the lightness of my hair.

Your clothing expresses who you are on the inside. Some people forget that,others simply overflow and exhaggerate the trunk of expression by taking it to a whole other level. By doing so,they succumb to letting it get to their heads and overpower their lives. Fashion shouldnt be abused by being used as a shallow tool. Its more than that.Its pieces of our souls,its artwork.

So, Here are a mixture of some vegan pieces my mom had found for me.

'Beautiful Hippie Looks':

Everyone loves an echo friendly,people loving,animal adoring vegan bi polar girl. AHahaha.

These pieces can all be mixed and matched together.









All items from mixture of following websites:

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  1. You are an actress and fashion & photos are your current medium. Those fashions would be great for you. You'd make a great futureworld hippy.