Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its hard to stand still,and confident within yourself.

Written on:Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I know that all the money and materialistic things in the world could NEVER compare to the beauty or power of love and happiness.

but sometimes,when there isnt any "love" or hapiness..what happens?

I know then,its when people start to think of money..or materialistic things,more.
at least I do.

I used to be so revolved around love,but it wasnt true.
and now that it has rot and its over,I feel..alone.completely.Litterally,lonely.

So I guess that I do crave a million dollars,and all the corsets and skirts in the world.
I am searching for some sort of remedy..
I'll hide within myself,physically.


If only I had some sort of genuine heart to love,I know then all the desire to have money,would quickly fade..just like it has in the past.

" Darling
I don't need money
I could be happy
With someone to love.


I don't need money
Or strangers to love me
Or diamonds and pearls
Or fast cars

Designed for the rock stars
I could be happy
With someone to trust
Someone to love
Someone to trust"

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