Saturday, January 10, 2009


Written on:Saturday, September 13, 2008



pretty little girl
flushed cheeks and marble eyes of pink
whos hurt you?
tell me, come to me.
the crimson rose buds in your hair
blooming through the tangled web of raven locks
You wreak of unpleasant silence
Not so polite,are we?What have I taught you?
certainly not this.
yet the spiders kiss you,
you have a warm heart
but you're so cold
you look so lost in front of me,tired and warn out
like a battered rag doll
dragged throughout the back barn
wood chips and grass bits catch in your weedy hair
a stiff body dumped far off somewhere
But I don't mind,because Ive watched you grow
you know,you can act like yourself around me
come closer to me
tell me a story
why have you chosen to bleed?

pretty little girl
Cherry stained clothes and bruised knees
who's hurt you?
Wipe your weary eyes from any sorrow
who's kept you up all night?
who's crept upon you?

kiss the scalpel I hold,
fear not its ability to slit
I use this to cut through the straw thread sewn through your lips
meant to keep your voice closed
words I need to hear,Unspoken,hidden,hurt.
Tell me.Speak to me.
you're so lost now,in front of me
yet the spiders kiss you
you have a warm heart
but you're so cold
come to me,kiss me
I yearn for your taste of cotton candy
clash this with my sourness
I'll help you,I'm sorry.
it will all end soon.
just one more time,I vow to you.
unbutton,come closer,feel me.
let the ruffled lace of your bloomers
embrace me,child

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