Saturday, January 10, 2009

"why do you post so many photos on myspace?"

Written on:Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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I know I have alot of photos, but I dont post the photos on myspace because I:

A] "Have nothing else to do"
b] "Want to magically increase my ego and self esteem by talking to a bunch of invisible strangers over cyberspace who only exist behind blinding screens and loud keyboards.

I take photos,because I CHOOSE to take photos. It's something I enjoy,mentally,physically,emotionally.

I post on "myspace" because its a NETWORK that I believe will someday benefit me.

Once I ever decide to publish and sell my book, Collected Poetry collection, Designed clothing/hand made items or start an official photography portfolio.

I do consider myself an artist. Everything I do,is some sort of creation, some sort of masterpiece.

Whether it be having a simple conversation with someone,to Writing,photography,creating images,occasionally painting/singing and just overall existing with the type of feelings and outlooks I bare.

I know i'm special. I'm not perfect, but I know I'm special. I can feel something there,inside of me. Something very very powerful. It does fade out in times of despair,hopelessness and delusions of doom, but I know THAT is only human. THAT is pure perfection .Imperfection is perfection.

I know who I am. I know what i'm capable of. I know i'm going to do good things in life,and I know theres not a thing I CANT achieve or create.

I know i'm "different",but I think alot of people are "Different",they just havent realized it yet. We are all capable of creating art,and being artists, I just think some people are intimidated with the powers they hold within them..

and,I am,..simply not. I embrace it.

Then again, I KNOW not everyone thinks the way I Do,(I'm not saying they do) or sees things the way I do. Those people who dont, would be, the average ignorant asshole who .."just doesn't get it".

Myspace is currently a web site i'm COMFORTABLE with. Its not my entire life.

I'm not limiting myself to this,or hiding behind it.

My psychological disorders have nothing to do with myspace,they are biological and far more than an "internet hater" can even begin to comprehend.

This is simply a positive tool to embrace and enhance my mind,my creativity,and my artwork.

"the internet is a loaded gun"

The internet is a very dangerous place.

It all depends on how people take this,how they use it,mold it and create it.

I'm turning this into something beautiful.

Its the biggest vessel of my creation. I think its good to store alot of my work,and also A wonderful place to interact when it comes to feedback,or just share beautiful human connection. I mean,where else can you have a conversation with someone who lives on the other side of the universe? You cant go to the super market or walk across the street and do that.

And I love connecting with you guys,theres been amazing people on here,truely. :)

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