Saturday, January 10, 2009

Be you,I'm me.

Ive been told I look like everyone,
Angelina jolie,Kerli,Miley cyrus,Avril lavigne and Fairuza Balk.(hahah thats a new one)
Ive been told I look every age,from 13-34.

NOT kidding. haha.

Why must you all compare? what for? I don't understand this.
When we are born,we are not known as "that girl who looked like that other one girl on tv"and when we DIE,we will not be known as that chick who sounds like that one chick on that one know?

Why cant we just all accept eachother in our own flesh and significance?

reall lame.

I'm not any of those people.

i'm amanda.

i'm complex,and strange.
i'm a bit of everything in this world,but i'm a bit of no one.
I dont think the world is ready to understand me,to be quite frank.

i'm every feeling youve ever felt,all collected into one,and multiply that intensity X10000.

I'm immorality,and purity.
i'm like a bottle of vodka,and a warm cup of tea.
i'm like classical music,and raw death metal into one.

i'm kind of like someone on coke,whos sitting in church with slit wrists,singing something totally random to herself,whilst wearing an all white ballerina tutu and lace up tights as I think of the most romantic love scene ever.


thats me.


I'm not goth.
I'm not scene.
I'm not punk.
I'm not preppy. I missing any of those lame ass fucking middle school cliches?
If so,dont bother letting me know.they make me want to gag..
like how the HELL can you define an entire BEING..a complete HUMAN..into one little shallow childish label?


its funny.

but yeah.

i'm me.youre you.
i'm not some friggen musician or actress you think i resemble.
i'm not 12,and i'm not 34 either.


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