Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ok,maybe just one.

Written on:Sunday, January 06, 2008

One poem. I found it,its pretty old. Titled:Little red.

Little red

such Beautiful Illusions drown with hours of sorrow
"don't throw it away"
I've been told I'm a talented artist,Lost in The thought of tomorrow
Undo this tragic lace,The hand of romance chokes me
pulling at me,slithering up my throat like a snake
i melt with the poison of heartache,it burns when i breathe
such precious images,I like to think one day you'll follow
"Such a pretty face,gone to waste"
I've been told that I'm I'm sickened by the idea of a tomorrow
Another tattered doll,with stolen grace
as within suicide,she disintegrates
one more angelic touch,
lost her innocence through love
"Oh no,don't throw it all away"

Lets fill our world of fantasy
Theres so many pretty sights..
Different Images, float with diversity..
Beautiful things,Soak Up variety
These Dreamt Moments in my mind,Take my breath away..

we can stare up at Willow trees,
In Mild Winds,they like to sway
As if they dance in each warm breeze
as the season suffocates this floor with autumn Leaves
I want to stare into your eyes of blue
Grown fond,Fall infatuated.. I lose myself within you.
Ok,your turn.
Brick walls,and Gardens of roses
Climb this one,and seek what's beyond it
Take my hand,and we'll run together
or chase me ahead,and catch me,for yours forever
we can glide upon the Grass,Mellow at our feet
Running,will I fast.. Hair bouncing with quick pace
Now Here lies the cinnamon colored wheat maze
it comes up to my chest..does it come up to your legs?
Does your skin too,tatter?
Your bare arms vigorously brushing against each single spice tinted stick..
as you scratch with every soft strand of erect wheat..
If it hurts you,I'll kiss it gone..
No one,and nothing hurts my baby.
I'll blow into the wound,
No,I don't have a bottle of salt behind my back
just my soft lips,I'll fix you..
I promise.You can love me,
I'm one so trustworthy,
and trust is what you lack.
Running,I'm running..
My lace dress once was white
Now its gray and filthy
sometimes i run so fast,that i trip every now and then
but i get up,once i remember how you whispered you loved me
Sooner or later,I'll gain My fast Pace..
I'm alot stronger than you think.
Quick,don't lose me
faster,you'll lose me!
must keep me in your focus,
don't blur,or lose yourself in distraction
If i tumble,I'm to blame
but its another thing..
if you knock me down,
or push into me..
then don't expect me to let it go
don't expect to get away ,fault-free.
I may be small,
but i know how to crush you..
with beautiful words..
I will hurt you..
with sweet words..
I'll say i love you..
I may not be as strong as you,
but I know what I'm to do
whenever you're above me..
Whenever your mouth foams hungry
and I'm one,you're about to eat..
" I love you". Then you back away
shh,We can run past ponds,and running banks
Water full of elegant swans;
Over sticks,and stones we'll leap..can you catch me?
Watch this field,of evergreen
Morning dew on grass,soaks clean
Don't trip!Can you weigh out Me and your pain,equally?
Can you stay in love,as well as battling all you don't obtain?
Running,I'm running..
with a shredded dress,
and bruised,blackened knees
those rose thorns snagged my flesh
and my elbows,soil colored due to the touch of rugged leaves
Ive been kissed, by the sadistic wheat
Vindictive little grains
Fast,don't lose me.. hurry!
Quicker,Don't Lack speed..
Must keep your priority
don't confuse,complicate,or fade..
I don't want to disappear around the corner of a viney way
losing my way,
see my blood upon each strand,stained wheat.
Then I know you'll lay there,wondering ever more..
what happened to me?
I know what happened to me.
You happened to me.
Ahead of us,Is the tended forest
I'll beat you there,i know i will
you think you'll win with those clever words
But i heard your success will prevent with guilt
Little red,Little red..
and you can be My wolf
I don't want a Puppy,tied with a bow..
I want a wolf
Youre good at your occupation..
What you do for a living,suits you
killing me.. Day by day
do you enjoy murdering little girls?
Its ok,i forgive you
each night,I'll let you take a bite out of me
I don't care if i bleed
for you can stitch each wound,as you whisper you love me
Do I taste good to you?
this is what true love,tastes like..
virgin blood,and vicious..glistening teeth.
they said not to throw it away
said they'll be other boys to mend my sorrow
I knew a man once,I say
Held onto him,hoping one day he'd follow..
but with his ever Silent footsteps,
I grew sick of the thought of tomorrow..
I'm scared once it gets quiet,
All that i can hear is the blasting,ear piercing silence and
the slight wind whispering into my ears
the warm sun shining down on my neck,and shoulders
it colors me with life,and a glow,faintly orange
i can feel my hair float with the motion of the wind,
i can see the wheat softly fondle my skin..
i look behind me.. i cant see you..
have I lost you?I'm alone..and afraid..
turn around to wait for you..
Looking for you
anticipating your beautiful sight..
you have never looked so handsome.. in my mind..
I wish to feel you.. I close my eyes
I still wanted to run..
I wanted him to catch me,
and with that,Our world Is empty.

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