Friday, January 23, 2009

Birds dont always have to have wings.Cars dont always have to have wheels.

Everything we know,
everything we've ever known
and everything we are yet to know..
why is it this way?
why do things remain as this?
How did they become this?
Why cant we change it?
Or...Can we change it?
I want to change it.
I'm sick of the rules.
I'm sick of the fear,
i'm sick of the authority.
I'm sick of the control.
This world is free,and wild
No matter what country you sit in
everything should be bare,and natural
Life should be blind,and open
innocent and willing
fly,if you want to.
Sleep all day,and stand all night if you wish to.
Everything you've ever known
everything the world has been said to be
however you've comprehended it
i want to alter this
change it up
reverse it
scribble over it
erase it
correct it
I dont like to say into "my" way..
but into a way
so unlikely
virgin,and delicate
Something non corrupted
for the fact that people will consider corruption,pure
And whatever I feel will no longer be labeled
confusion will be clarity
and complexity will be simplicity
because we will never jump to conclusion
nor will the vile mist of assumption fog our way
and sometimes Sins wont be sins
People wouldnt be stereotyped
we'd look at the feeling,instead of merely at the person
we'd remember "human" and not perfection.
I would be able to fuck u on a local bus,
and none of us would get caught.
I always felt as if my mind was at least 10 years older than my body.
Someday,hopefully,it will catch up with me.
I battle two sides to everything
the way I am,
and the way they think i'm supposed to be.
A child,a woman
An adult,A baby.
Lust,and love
and thoughts of love,and aches of lust
Cycles that kids go through,and yet phases that ages beyond,endure
I go through puberty and menopause at the same time.
Why is everyone the same lately?
Why are lyrics in songs so typical that I can guess what they will next say?
Why do girls all dress the same?
Why do adults go about things the same way?
Why does every mind think alike?
Even their unique and distinct self qualities bare
such sharp similarity
Everything we know..
everything we've ever known..
and everything we are yet to know,
i'm going to change.

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