Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shallow people.

Why is it so hard to comprehend?
Why is love so easy to mock?
Why should it be pathetic to feel vulnerable and ruined all because of another human being?
Why is it shunned to be completely impacted and controlled by anothers words?
Is it flaw? a beautiful flaw.We're human.
be strong,and broken. get on your feet,and fall ontop of him again.

why is it so hard to comprehend?
Why wouldnt love be something to die because of?

Why is it pitiful?
Is it a flaw?
its a beautiful thing.
Its a powerful thing.

to be ruined by another..

I dont see any problem with revolving ur life around anothers life.
with being completely selfless.
with just wanting to make them happy,
yet wanting them to make u happy in return..and if it doesnt work,

why should it be pathetic to cry?

Life is so short.
We're so short.

youre so shallow,for thinking its not beautiful
to be broken down by another breathing,feeling,living human being

all for love.

all we have in life,is love.

something i'd die for.
I dont know about you.
something i'd kill for.
I dont know about you.
Something I'd tear myself apart for.

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  1. Love is all there is really. Everything revolves around the pursuit of love whether one is concious of it or not.