Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ive fallen in love with something Depth resistant.

Written on:Friday, February 01, 2008

I hate you.

You say you love me..

but Its not enough.

words mean nothing.


I want you to fall

so deeply for me

Deeper than i have for you.

nothing is enough

Nothing is real anymore..

I know you don't love me..

I know you don't want me..

I have never heard you speak softly

I have never heard sweet words before

i cant even imagine them

slipping from your mouth

comming from your own voice

its unreal

is that even possible?

i'm not sure..

Give into my weak hand

feed from my faith

can we try this my way?


Sometimes I want to give up

fuck you hard,but then leave you alone,in the morning

walking away from all Ive ever dreamt of

all Ive ever planned for us..

You ruined This.

you couldnt Fix this..

It never had a chance,dont lie

It couldnt ever stand a chance against you

you,with your unbreakable ways..

I quiver at the thought of your surrendor..

but if you dare to speak back to me,

I overwhelm with hate..

i cant control this,

you fill me with rage

sometimes i fantasize about breaking you

hurting you

making you cry

Perhaps Just so i can comfort you afterwards..

and fill you with the relief you've never filled me with.

Catching Pain from your eyes,

i'd swallow it all..despite how poisonous the burn..

you can trust me.

so fall.

fall for me..


deeper than i have fallen for you


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