Saturday, January 10, 2009

Perspectives and Perceptions.

Written on:Friday, October 17, 2008

Lately,I've realized that this whole entire universe runs on perspectives and perceptions. Our whole entire existences are feeding from opinion(s),feelings,and breathing because of outlooks.

The hatred,and Love of the love of the world is created through this.
Its how our environments are molded. How our government,culture,society,friend "cliques" and even households are shaped out and formed.

What one person enjoys,another despises.
What one person gets off from,another pukes because of.
What one person adores,another can't stand.
What one person understands,another can't comprehend.
What one person sympathizes and empathizes for,
another kicks and stabs again, just for added pleasure.

Theres so many many minds.
But,It doesn't matter.

Sometimes people lose themselves because of the perspectives of others. They forget of their own precious,sacred perception and how powerful and beautiful it is. They focus too much on how people view them,and it cuts them down and off from fulfilling themselves,expressing themselves,or being who they really want to be. It's sad..

but in the end,it doesn't matter. (peoples thoughts on you,) do not matter.We could all die tomorrow,and I dont know about you,but I want to live every day to its fucking fullest,or at least to my own personal satisfaction.And trust me, If i left my life up to society,and OTHER people,they would mold me into something hideous,something I do not want to be,on the ouside and the in. This is me,and that is you. Love yourself. Be of yourself,and no one else.

This is why peoples opinions on you,really do not matter.
Because none of them are the same,they will always vary.
No matter who you are..even a murderer,no one can define you psychologically.
No one can sum you up,under one tiny label. No matter how you look on the outside,no matter how you feel on the inside.. No matter how you express,and no matter how you behave.

There is not only one definition for every single human being. NO. Its not up to the people around us,to define us.Its up to US,to define us. We are our own creators. Everyone else are the art lovers and music junkies who overlook our masterpiece (us) and spew us feedback. Sometimes Positive,and occasionally negative,or perhaps the other way around. But in the,it doesn't matter. the others are just the tiny voices echoing,and our souls and bodies are the lead verse,loudly singing.

But you know what..It doesnt matter.

There is not one road.
There is not one way,
There is not one opinion
Or one mind
there is not just of sun,
and there is not life of only moon.

Everything is cut into pieces..
Everything is free
Everything is beautiful
and everything is unbound,untouched.
No matter how corrupted it may seem.

Some people randomly walked out in front of my moms car,today.

"Oh god! Why the hell would you do that??! I can't stand people,lately!" my mom yelled outside her window,loud enough for the people to hear her.

I turned to her .. "All is full of love,mom.haha"

She paused,and sighed.

"youre right amanda,i'm sorry"

and when I realized how serious she was...I realized..just how much this universe runs on perspectives and perceptions. Its literally just how we look at things..and we are so in control! this whole world matters on how we perceive we see things. Its all up to us.

How we comprehend them,and how we understand them.

We have the power to be in a good situation,and understand its goodness,and joy,yes?

and we have the power to be in a BAD situation and understand its pain,and baddness,yes?

Then why cant we be in a bad situation,and seek goodness within it somehow by thinking postive? WE CAN. whats the difference? Is it because its seemingly harder to transition the negative to the positive? is it more difficult and almost "impossible" to filther the bad so that only good remains? Picking out all of the bad pieces..healing,mending..and choosing? because we do have a choice. its all mental. its all in our heads.our minds are the most beautiful tools. The most amazing resorces,the greatest,strongest power. Its all psychological. Its all up to us.

Some people love me,Some people hate me.
some people want me,some people wouldnt look twice on me.
Some people have faith in me,some people doubt me.
Some people accept me,others gag at the thought of me.
Some people "get " me and others just accuse me,and THINK they get me.

but in the doesn't matter.

Have you ever really really wanted something very beautiful..and amazing?so bad,that it hurt?and when you see it..and you want it.. it begins to hurt even more,because the more your eyes soak it in..the more you feel not good enough...the more it almost teases and taunts you,because you realize how much you CANT have it. the more unworthy you feel..the more you feel like a huge joke. Like youre invisable. Unimportant. Useless. Ugly. Inside,and out..

"Feelings of worthlessness are so illusive. This entire universe runs on perspectives. Just Change your outlook,i'm the same person deep down"

Just open your eyes..

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