Saturday, January 10, 2009

Theres alot more to me than blonde hair,and Long lashes.

Current mood: okay

blogs are unread

Words are unspoken

Songs are unsang

and Images are unseen.

I use this blog,to store personal thoughts,opinions,views.. and Perhaps to Share them with as many people,as possible.

your friend count on here,should not determine your physical apperance or what you rank on that "cool" scale.

If anything,why not put it to use?

I want to be heard.

I want to do something,through words.

Theres alot more To do on here,besides reeling in photo comments,or joining whore trains.

So the next time you think That all I care about is the myspace nothingness,(fame,fortune,and feedback)Youre wrong.

this is a place to store my every inner feeling,including ones that are converted into the poetry I am passionate about,Amature Photography shots,AND Expressive photos.

You have your deviant have your photobucket.I have my myspace.

I think 75% of you all,are so Incomprehensible.Or maybe Just completely stubborn,and close minded.

Not every "pretty" girl is stuck up.

Not every "pretty" girl,Is self centered, or absorbed.

Not every "pretty" girl,has more self esteem than all of The UK.

and not every "pretty" girl is as transparent,as you think.

I don't reply to hatemail anymore,because I realized..My responses are only creating,and attracting more negativity.

By responding to whatever retarded/ignorant opinion A hater dishes out to me,I am at equal fault.

I cant change you.

I cant change Your thoughts.

I cant even change the boy I love.

I cant change the world,So I am not going to reply to haters,and Attempt helping them to do so.I wont help you open your eyes,I'll just pity you for being born with them closed.

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