Saturday, January 10, 2009

"I'm better than you".

Written on:july 12th 2008

"I'm better than you":

So I was just thinking about something,earlier.
(aka a few minutes ago.) and I decide to write this. I was just thinking about how horrible it is,for everyone to go around thinking they are better than other people.I know how commonly ranted this is..but not everyone ACTUALLY take the time to think about this,and realize how pitiful it is.

This is something I hate.
how people think they are "prettier" or more "superior"

or the NEED to show off to others.
the NEED to impress other people.

the NEED to even go out of their way to look better than a someone else they know.
friend,friends friend,cousin,family member...anyone.

I dont know.

Dont roll your eyes,its true.the world is shallow and competitive.
Ive been there,myself..and i know you probably have too.

Its ok to admit things,and recognize them.

hiding inside yourself can feel WORSE than how fucked up it is to strive to be better than anyone person.

either its about who has more money
or who has more clothes
who has more myspace friends
who has better myspace photos
who has more makeup
whos house is bigger
whos default photo has more comments
who is more "original"
who is more "Scene"
who is more "goth/emo"
who is more "individual"
who is more hotter
who has bigger tits
who has a bigger dick
who has prettier eyes
who has better hair
who is skinnier
who is thicker (yes,theres competitions for this too,ive seen it.(metophorically))
who is more CHRISTIAN!


i just hear so many voices in my head
all this bullshit


its crazy

"eithers" or "ors"

either its who looks better WITH makeup on,
or wearing alot of makeup is gross
so its
who looks the best WITHOUT makeup,instead.

either you have to BIG of lips,or thats gross.
so having no top lip at all,is better,instead.
or its the other way around,and everyone PRAISES
angelina fucking jolie because they apparently have never seen someone with LIPS before.

either being a "plus size" woman is accepted,and beautiful..and natural...and amazing,and wonderful...and everyone sticks up for "bigger" girls,or
either you are to fat,and people make fun of you,call you names,say you cant do certain things because of it,say you arent pretty,say you arent good enough..
and say you need to fucking LOSE all the weight,and you should just stick your finger down your down throat or "go kill yourself"


you are to SKINNY!and you need to GAIN weight
because even though you arent underweight,or even if you ARE anorexic,society thinks you are disgusting and wont acknollege your mental sickness,and pray for your wellness..they just focus on how you look anorexic or bullemic or something and say how you need to STOP "STICKING YOUR FINGER DOWN YOUR THROAT"

people are fucked up.
ive read the nastiest things even on the internet.

YOUTUBE!the comments are ridiculous.

I just hate hearing all these "eithers" or "ors"

theres two sides to fucking everything.

the world will NEVER be satisfied.
no one will EVER feel happy and pleased with the people around them.and why?hardly ever about whats INSIDE or their personalities.but mostly ALWAYS about how they APPEAR to LOOK on the outside.

pretty sad,huh?

people are always going to find something to bitch about.
something to complain about.
they find a flaw,and they keep picking at a scab.until it starts to fucking bleed.

people say "we should love every woman.thick or thin.its natural and they should be praised for the way they were born,and the bodies they have"

but then they go and tell off someone who is skinny,and just so hapens to NATURALLY look that way,and NOT be anorexic.

so i dont get it.
is it ok to be fat?
is it ok to be skinny?

i have no fucking idea.
people judge,left and right.

making up all these rules like its the good thing to do.

everyone makes so many contradictions.

a "plus " size woman stands up and screams to a crowd.
she has tears dripping from her eyes,and mascara staining her cheeks.
she cries hysterically to the vicious,cruel crowd and yells about how shes beautiful for who she is,because its her skin that shes comfortable to be in..and thats who she is.she cries about how sick she is,of being hurt and man fun of.she explains how her highschool years were tragic because of how mean and judgmental kids were.then she goes on about how later on,her days of being an adult,in the real world,just almost seemed to of gotten worse.

She then grabs the weight from her thigh,and slaps it in front of the crowd,moving whatever skin on her lose thigh that chose to "Flab"

"WELL YOU KNOW WHAT,AMERICA??!!i'd rather have some sort of MEAT on my bones,then be a walking skeleton!!"

she screams.

she violently grabs a tall,extremely skinny girl that was standing next to her,by her arm and the crowd goes silent. other "plus " sized women watch the plus size woman,who spits in the skinny girls face.and they cheer and clap because..well... lets face one wants to be a "skeleton".

that situation was something I just made up,to express how contradictive people can be.perhaps out of despair,sorrow,fear,rage.

plus size woman feel horrible for being made fun of,and ccalled names..yet i hear it everyday,they bash other people with different body shapes,as well.Im not saying everyone has done this,but a LARGE amount of them.People I know,and even people ive seen on tv shows.

they are nothing special and im sick of people being so hypocritical

i'm not sticking up or defending skinny people
im just saying,its so disgusting how people cant just be like "WE ALL SHOULD bE LOVED"

instead of having to put down ANOTHER person,just ot make YOURSELF feel better!

if you want RESPECT,then dont go DISRESPECTING others and expect to recieve just that.

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