Saturday, January 10, 2009


Written on:Friday, June 27, 2008


I see beauty in alot of things,lately..
Alot of random things..Tiny objects,or Small situations,that the common mind seemingly would not analyze,or give much attention,or appreciation and respect to..

I see beauty in alot of people..
People that arent exactly breathtakingly "pretty" on the outside..
People that Most others would find "strange".

Yet at the same time of all these..blessed outlooks..
I hate so much.
I hate so much in the world.
I have such anger towards so many different things..

I wish I didnt.Because the anger only builds rage and frustration within myself.
Perhaps if the anger just let go..Then,I wouldnt feel so overwhelmed.but,I dont know.

Its hard to control my emotions.
PEople tell me that I'm always in control of everything,
but..its not as easy as it seems.
and the "cure" to this discomfort, is easier spoken,then done.

I feel so many moodswings..not all of them are sad,or depressing..but they are still so intense.
I feel so many feelings.

they will just suddenly hit me in the face,even when I am in a conversation..or doing something.
I told skylar that im probably psychic ;p
haha i know im not
i just dont know what causes this.

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