Saturday, January 10, 2009

My escape. (hell no,gwen stefani has nothing to do with this) haha

Written on:Monday, May 26, 2008

Current mood:hit me baby,one more time.jk.

These things cheer me up,when i'm upset or If I seem like i'm currently mentally polluted.(these things are mostly things I do on my own,personally,individually,in the utmost solitude,and I guess you can say..independantly.haha)



Camera whore



Words,words..More words

Thoughts of the extreme




bed sheets


watching hilarious youtube videos or madtv

Holding my teddy bear/bunny stuffed animal really close to me,and pretending like its someone I love,instead.

rain/thunder storms/wind/snow.. any wild weather abnormality or occassional malfunction..Basically,any shifted movement or strict diversity against the basic and common weather "norm",where I live.haha I'll translate that in english,for you retard kids: if its hot and dry for months straight,and then it suddenly rains or a big storm comes,I LOVE that.


the undying tick a clock makes..if you listen closely,it could make you drift to sleep.

Pretty people in the world

when a boy tells me he wants me
(sometimes this creates the opposite of an escape for me to shelter myself amongst.sometimes this can backfire,warning;girls!)

the various artists:
emilie autumn,Kerli,bjork,Linda Strawberry.

My diseased hubby: beethoven.

The ultimate song of life,its beauty,and just pure realization: Gloomy sunday. You can Try the billie holiday,the hungarian instrumental,Emilie autumn version,Or my personal favorite:Sarah McLachlan Cover.
(Attention: do not listen to,if you are suicidal. ha)

Long car rides

blasting rap/pop music and freakishly knowing all the words as I scream my lungs out and sing along.

Also listening to cheesy blonde girl music like 'Girlicious'. haha
It just seems to give my focus on cosmetics,hair spray,and jealous bitches who hate on you,instead of the deep thoughts on death.

Feeling the wind in my hair

Watching Cartoons,kids movie,disney channel.honnah montana (fuck you,shes a pimp.),BARBIE,etc.

Eating junk food late at night

outside Fog


talking to skylar until my eyes burn and my body aches from lack of sleep.


Cold weather


My amazingly beautiful and clarifying mental imagery.

staring into the sky,and realizing..this is life.
But this fucking optical,visual,physical yet intangible sky in front of me,full of clouds,looks like something someone would create out of a dream.
not many people seem to realize this..
we are used to it
we find this normal,and similar.
the beauty in the sky
we are immune to the intensity in the blue
or the litteral motion of the clouds

because this sky seems like it always has been here,since the begining of time,and ever since we were born,we've LOST appreciation towards it.

but if you just lay there in grass,and stare up above you,
or daze out your window..and analyze every inch of this
real life,never ending movie..
or touchable screen,
it could glorify you.

hope this helps.


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