Saturday, January 10, 2009

"The Nor queen"

"The Nor queen"

.. I dont care very much,nor do I not care at all.
I care too much,yet none enough.

I dont feel very much,nor am I anything but numb
I cant say i'm in between,
i'm something beyond this universe.

I dont enjoy winter,nor do I enjoy the summer
I dont really like the spring though,either.
Sorry if you thought I enjoy spring.
Just because it was obvious? Just because it was convieniant?

I dont really want you,nor do I not want you..
Do you understand? because I Do.
Its simple.

I love you,yet I dont love you..
but I dont like you,nor do I like you.

Not simple,nor complex.
Not independent nor attached
Dont talk to me.go away,
no please..stay.

I want to be touched,but I dont want to be stolen
Not a harlot,nor maiden
I'd like to be fucked,but I dont want to give it up,
Is that so hard to comprehend?

I dont love the life,nor do I hate the life

I dont fear death,nor Do I welcome this death,
We got into an argument. I Dont talk to him anymore,
His skin was too cold for mine.

I dont like being alone,nor do I want to be buried underneath you always.
Give me time,give me love,and I'll return to you in many ways..

I dont want you to lie to me,nor do I want the bitter truth
perhaps if you sweetened it a pinch,i'll swallow just for you

I love the mother, I love the nature
I hate the grid, and I hate the murder
I love the animals, I love the soft fur
Not fond of shampoo,nor radios

I could show you something new..

I'm no hypocrite,
I'm human

I can show you something new..

I'm not a contradiction,
I'm natural.

I'm not afraid,
of ugly pond leaches or shallow serpants

Challenge me. I dare you.
You wont know what has entered you.

This is who I am,
Put down that text book,baby
Get your eyes away from the poisoned words
you cant figure me out,that way

dont be so confused,
touch me,and I seep unto you

I'm something fresh and strange

I will bet my own blood,
you've never felt this way

I will bet my own blood,

youve never known a girl like this before..

nor will you ever in tomorrows dust.

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