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So apparently,I'm a sexist immature stupid little girl who needs to grow up.

Written on:Sunday, October 05, 2008


Some Lad Had taken offense to this photo of mine:

The caption is:
"In the eyes of a man."

His comment really Inspired me to write this.

I know..when boys are scared and get intimidated.


Before you begin:

If you dont want to read this,no one is making you.

I did NOT tie your hands down to your computer desk,and force your eyes to stay open by taping them up high towards your eye brows with electric tape.

REPEAT: I did not tie your hands down and force your eyes open to read this.

So if you dont want to,gtfo.

if you ARE just reading this to tell me off,release your own personal anger/frustration on me,or try to search for some sort of FLAW or something about this whole bulletin that annoys you,and then later insult me because of it...
know that..

1]you are really pathetic and you probably need to schedule an appointment with your local psychologist.


2] I will just block you,because I do not want to associated with anyone of your sort.

lets begin-

I'm allowed to have my own opinions,thoughts,and views.I'm ALSO just as allowed to express these views. if these views OFFEND you in any way,shape of form,then a part of me apologizes, but the other kindly advises you to sort of turn things around,and try to view them differently.

because it is how it is.

The WORLD is how it is.

I show you how this is..
coming from myself.

just like you have the right to as well.

If you cant understand this,then youre just a pussy hiding from yourself.

excuse my french,no offense intended.

Should I censor myself?
Should I restrict myself?
should I limit myself?


I am me.

I am not who you want to be.

IF my default photo offends you,then I just think you are unable to comprehend an artistic form of art, a certain feeling or emotion,and you lack respect for others outlooks,beliefs,OR you are just seriously not fucking understanding them correctly.

Its like this:

if a baby cries,what do you do?do you slap it around and tell it to shut the fuck up because it bothers you? kiss hold it. you shush it to sleep,and youre gentle.

So just think of me as a sort of baby.

If I cry,if I hurt..if I bleed..If i feel a certain way about men...
what are you going to do to me?

We all have our reasons for how we feel,think,react,and express.

When your dad gets pissed off,and accidentally takes it out on you..its not because hes a heartless asshole who doesnt give a shit about you,or gets off on being the most sadistic malice ever.


Its just probably because he was having a bad day at work,or the boss ticked him off.

we are human,we make mistakes people.

so unless you have been living in the new Barbie & Teresa In The Diamond Castle Movie, then I really think you should wake the fuck up and start to study the human mind more,and how it operates.

(btw: I love you barbie,so if youre out there,i'm your biggest fan,your movies do make me happy.
) :)

moving on-

You dont know of me. You dont know of my life,of my past,of my present. Dont jump the gun and assume I am here to merely assume,because I am not.

I know of how I feel,and why I feel this way. Its not because I'm a bitch who just woke up oneday and thought.."oh wow this would be fun! why dont I just fucking stereotype the whole male race for the hell of?"

no way.

Thats not how the human mind works.

At least mine doesnt.

So the most ethical ...and wholesome fucking..ATTEMPT at a psychological approach..TO a PSYCHOLOGICAL outlook/belief/or feeling..IS not to slap it around with aggression,insult it,or take OFFENSE to it.

its not to shut it up,or make fun of/mock it.

its not TO preach to it,try to change it,or think other wise.

its not to try to make it feel crazy,or pitifully attempt to tell it its wrong.

you dont see fucking therapists mocking their patients or telling them to get the fuck out of their offices and go slit their wrists because they are annoying pieces of worthless shit.

For the record,I do not have anything against the male race.

did I a year ago? OF fucking course I Did. because of my own personal reasons,but I realized... Spreading hate,will only attract and increase hate.

so no, The photo is not towards every man. not every single guy who is living,breathing,and existing out there..from oregon, maine,from asia to fucking AUSTRALIA is a heartless asshole.

and anyone with a SINGLE fucking braincell,and anyone who fucking graduated middle school, would UNDERSTAND That.

My photo is a metaphorical expression.

FUCK,i know of GUYS who have even admitted to most other guys giving them a bad reputation! grow up,get over it.face it.

Girls arent angels,either.

I';m not saying they are.

i'm not feminist.

I guess i'm just a humanist ;p

I'm not a misanthropic person,obviously.

I think most girls understand this... in a very different yet similar point of view that I have.

So girls who express something dark towards men,do not always fucking have this hatred towards the entire male race.
IF they did,they wouldnt be getting fucked hard by their boyfriends,and they certainly would not swallow. ha-ha.

we all have our own feelings.. its beautiful.

Should I censor myself?
Should I restrict myself?
should I limit myself?

Lets try to put it this way..

for all the assholes out there who bitch at me,for SAYING they are assholes..even though deep down inside,they truely ARE assholes..yet they are too selfish,arrogant ,or full of fucking pride to admit that to even THEMSELVES,so they take offense to this...

lets say that I deleted my default.

lets say that I never again expressed something like that.

does that mean that Its gone?vanished?disappeared?


does that mean that I suddenly have respect for you?

does that mean that I suddenly think youre a perfect,amazing person?

does that mean that I no more think that way?


does that mean that you fixed what offended you?


you cant fight fire with fire,or mend hatred with hatred.

you cant bomb for peace,you cant force to obtain.

you cant scream for silence,and you cant certainly cannot
spit in someones face and then expect them to smile back at you afterwards and ask you for a damn napkin.

even if i was a scared little bitch and was afraid of how the world sees me..was afraid I Would offend you and never show who I truely am to this universe... It would still exist. My feelings,inside would be there.

i would still think certain things..
I would still feel certain things.

IF a girl knows where she stands in this world,she is immature?if a girl knows how she feels inside,she is judgmental? she is making it all up?
if a girl has a good vocabulary,is pretty damn decent at putting those all together to make statements,and express her outlook on life..she must be making it all up?she must have a dictionary right by her side? she must know of nothing? she must really have NO fucking clue? she must not even know what shes talking about??

GROW UP PEOPLE. youre in denial.

face the truth. I HAVE A MIND. and I'm not stupid.

YEAH! thats right! theres a decent looking female out there who ACTUALLY knows what shes talking about.

wait,no..this must not even be about being a girl.

lets just saaay...if this "human".

if a human has a plan for world..a certain outlook,insight..and forever view..of how to live..and how to feel..then they must be full of shit and have alot of learning to do?


because anyone "optimistic",strong,or aware of this universe just MUSTTT be full of shit?yes??

well..if i'm such hateful sexist,feminist like a few of you may think I am..

I should just leave it at this:

suck my big fat 12 inch cock,retards.

At least Ciaras got my back.

Ciara- Like A Boy

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