Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shaking your booty is good. Yes,you read correctly.

Written on:Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dancing is a good outlet.A good way to be inspired.a beautiful creation

so i just got done dancing for over three hours in my living room.
I didnt plan for this to be something emotional..or spiritual. i didnt plan on connecting to the beauty within this.. its amazing. I havent danced in over 5 least not like i did TONIGHT.

at first,i started playing this game with my brother.hes like " i'm going to put on music,but i'm going to keep changing the station,to different genres,and everytime i change it,you have to pull off something"

so basically,i had to dance a bit cliche and make my moves "fit"with whatever genre of music was on.
he left the music on for about 10-20 seconds before changing the channel onto a whole other genre.

(oh ok,and btw..everyone in my house is fucking sleeping.
we are downstairs,in the living room..and the music is blasting.hahaa

my grandparents could wake up at any moment,and catch me "shaking it" hahahah lmfao
but thats what makes it even more fucking thrilling.)

for example,it would be on country music .then he would quickly change it to rap.
it would be on pop,then it would go to r&b
techno,to dance.
classical,to electronica
even spanish music hahaha

and it was the funest fucking thing ever.

basically,it just really opened my mind,and body and complete soul to new inspirations..and now ..i just feel like i can write again.
this is what i needed.ive been so fucking blocked off,but honestly people..this really clarifys.

just get lost in yourself.get lost in alone,dance with your with your brother,your sister..FUCK..even dance with your mom! who cares.just the shower.. (just dont kill yourself haha) in your bathroom.. on your bed... in school.. in your kitchen.. in church! hahaha

shake it.pop it lock it drop it :P
sway it
bake it
fry it
just dont break or burn it.



dont ever take me to a club.

no,i wont drink.
no,i wont take drugs.
no ,i wont have sex.
yes,i will be dancing insanely crazy wild.

my brother- "holy shit.i didnt know you had it in you.where the hell have you been all these years? too bad i didnt record this and put it on youtube,i would of made alot of money"



my point,is ..its amazing.
i'm a very timid girl.
i never dance.
not even around my brother.
ok,and im really outgoing towards him.I even sing in front of him,and i dontsing in front of anyone else.

but tonight..was just different.
we first started out with that "music game" of quickly changing the genres (almost like musical chairs,but just everytime a new song comes on,its a totally different beat) but then i really warmed up and opened up..
and then i just kept straight on with electronica,and techno,because i feel the most alive with this.
its just fucking amazing.

the pace of wild hips
the wind from flipping hair
the dryness of your mouth
the sweat off your body,
on your stomach,
you can feel the pores in your fucking wrists,open..
and whenever you jump around,or turn,the rapid slap from the air,hits against it..making it cold.

getting so fucking hot
feeling your knees give out,but you just cant stop
it hurts so much
your body is so sore
you know its going to hurt the next morning
your legs are going numb
you can feel your muscles ache and every inch of you,pulsate.
but you know if you stop or slow down,you'll get tired and want to stop completely
so your only choice is to fucking go faster and faster and faster
because the faster you go,the more numb your whole body gets..
you get used to the fucking pain
the burn
the sting
an icy,heat feeling.bittersweet
pleasurable pain
you are immune to this,as long as you continue

feeling ice cubes in the palm of your hand
dripping water from your mouth,spitting it
down the white of your tanktop

im not afraid to dance in front of anyone,anymore.
fuck,i'll dance in front of jesus! hahaha

i wasnt even embrassed or scared hahhaa
it was amazzzing.

dancing is just as an art as poetry.or writing.. or painting,,singing..i think dancing is one of the most important and special,because you can connect to it on a level that is so mindblowing,and personal..because you can feel it ..PHYISCALLY. writing,is amazing and my biggest passion in life..but i cant feel it physically,like i can with dancing.
same thing with drawing,its not as physical.

ok ok so anyone who has felt stuck in your writing,,if you have writers block,turn on some music and fucking dance it off.

peace,love,and unity.


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