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What makes us so different,as human beings?

Written on:Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Entry: What make us so different,as human beings?

This is possibly going to be very long,and allover this place. I haven't blogged about anything really special,in a while. At least nothing positive,that is.and I can feel something drain me,because of it. Ive been so focused on the bad in my life,and I really need to transition myself as soon as possible,unto the more positive things instead,like I used to.

I guess we all have those days..those weeks..those..months..those....years?

I may be numb,but theres still the same old me,deep down inside..underneath all the pain.

So today,I feel like just talking about..


Take this as you will.Perceive this as a negative,or positive subject. but either way, I know it still exists,and Its something I'd like to express,and touch up on.

Hmm age,Its a very seemingly important subject. We,as people,revolve around this.


The stereotypical

-You cannot be in love,if you are "young",because you do not know what love is.Chances are,its just puppy love.

-You cannot be smart,or have a decent vocabulary,if you are "young",because ...well.. youre young,what do you know?

-You cannot have alot of experience, if you are.."young" because,..lets face it,people! Only OLDER human beings go through pain,and a diverse amount of emotions,and live to recall them.

-You cannot dress a certain way if you are "young" because it must mean you are craving attention,trying to "GROW UP"too fast,rush your childhood,or you are just a plain slut.

-You cannot get a job under 16,because you wont be taken seriously,and your boss will most likely turn down your resume,or possibly not even take the time to look at it.

-You cannot voice your opinion without being told to shut up,or countlessly reminded of how much of a "child" you still are.

Ok,these may not all apply to you PERSONALLY,but they are generalized sterotypes, that I have encountered,and I know others out there have as well.

Hmm.. so lets think of it this way..

What makes a "Child"/teen/or "young" person any different from your average "adult" or "elder"?

Lets just throw away the sterotypes right now.. Lets burn that "rule book" of society. Lets erase our mind of other peoples thoughts... the whispers in the back of our head.. telling us.."well... you do know... of the norm. and the norm says..THIS,so dont get carried away now and forget".

No,whos to say of a norm?

So lets think with open minds.

What is so special about an adult?
Why do most people ,and ADULTS themselves,almost speak out as if they are ...flawless,perfect creatures who bare lifes long answer and pure remedy to every suffering or hardship?
why do Adults talk as if they are einstien, And like they are so damn wise,that they must always be right?And not only that..but why do they look at children or teenagers as any less of a being?

Its one thing if you are just a boastful,prideful, concieted,full of yourself asshole who just so happens to be an "adult",and you consider yourself allmighty and wise,


if you are an adult who doesnt nessessarily consider YOURSELF,to be perfect..but you sure as hell remind your children,or grandchildren,or most of todays youth of how retarded/less they are.

Adults murder.
Adults abuse.
Adults molest.
Adults rape.
Adults steal.
Adults carjack.
Adults run traffic lights.
Adults forget to take out the trash.
Adults make fucking mistakes,too.

So..why must there always be a division between the two?

Why is there a huge divider between adults,and youth?

Does it REALLY matter?

when you think about doesnt.

I know That teenagers can feel just as much pain as "adults",or sometimes even more.
There is no RULE that says that only adults are whining fucking martyrs with horrid stories to tell of treachorous experience.

And Anyone who thinks that,needs to "grow up".

In the end,we are all the same.. in the realization of all being different. If that makes sense to any of you.

Children can be abused,and go through alot of experience.

I know adults who have grown up in really positive,wholesome,ethical environments where their parents were just calm and understanding and never raised their voices once!

If I was to of told them of how I was personally raised,they would probably not be able to comprehend it.It would be strange,and horrid to them. I can imagine them turning their heads with curiosity..and just going.."Wow"as if they heard a horror story.

There is no guarrantee or rule,or offical statement that says that ALL adults have "massive experience" or ALL adults have NO experience.

there is no guarrantee or rule,or offical statement that says thats ALL of the worlds youth have "massive experience" or NO experience,either.

I think experience..and alot of "know it all" fucking high and mighty 20 year olds who think that just because they are a day over 19,means they are no longer a child or teenager,and they know alll of lifes answers,and are somewhat more experienced or wise than a 12-17 year old.


there is NEGATIVE experience,and POSITIVE experience. I think most people forget this. They also lose tendency to recall that no matter what...experience is just experience.

There may be abuse, and their may be happiness.
but someones past should not be judged because of their age.

There could be someone young,..lets say,age 10.who has already grown up in a drug oriented household,full of countless intoxicants,abuse,and even rape.

So age has nothing to do with experience,really.

because again,i PERSONALLY (and honestly) know of adults who have NEVER felt or endured that kind of negative experience,ever.

does that mean they are less "wise"?

does that mean they are more "intelligent?"


that just means they simply have not been through that specific situation before.

So i'm really sick of adults telling me,

"Oh what do YOU know?what have YOU gone through? I have SOO much more experience than you."

and i'm ALSO sick of the apparent cocky little 20 year olds who think that just because theyve been driving for a while and they can finally purchase booze,means that they have been through so fucking much..

time...(thus, age)really CANNOT define ones experience. AT ALL.

And I have so much logic,reason,and explanation to back up that statement.

I could be abducted by some 55 year old perverted psychopathic man who like ties me up in his basement for a week,and tortures me,and rapes me,and like does really really terrible things to me like puts clothing line pins on my nipples,and then Ties me up,and throws me in the back of his truck,only to dump me out along side of the road naked,blindfolded and luckily live to tell the story.

what will the stereotypical people say then of my "Experience?"
would they be in shock to know that a girl of my age endured something so powerful,overwhelming,and horrifyingly mindblowing at such a young age,in such a short amount of time??!!

it makes me laugh,to know of how people think. people are really so shallow and I know I have the thoughts to prove them of how shallow they are . I get to the point where Im about to explode,sometimes.
when i say explode,i dont mean in anger..or sorrow or frustration..I just mean of so much realization and THOUGHTS..and information,that just needs to frankly,be thrown in the face of the stupid assholes of this universe.

And trust me,most of EVERY SINGLE adult that i have EVER known in my entire life (so far) have all been really stupid,shallow,judgmental,unintelligent, ignorant,vile,human beings.

and it makes me laugh..because I know of the knowledge I hold,at such a young age.and I know..If I went up to dr phil and tried to explain,he probably would laugh in my face and roll my eyes. hahahaha

but i also know for a fact..dr.dyer,on the other hand..would probably bless me in a way,and kindly smile.

(I just think theres a way of reading someones aura..and its sometimes...spiritually easy to feel the vile,or beautiful energy coming off from someone.

almost like a perfume..or cologne.)

back to my examples..

Couldnt I just merely of been abused as a child?

that would obviously be considered "experience" ? right?

so then shut the fuck up. Dont judge me. dont stereotype me.

Just because i'm young,doesnt mean i'm retarded.doesnt mean I know of nothing.

People are just too focused at looking at every single situation..or type of person as a WHOLE.


we tend to think every bleach blonde with big fake tits must go clubbing all the time,and bang alot of guys.

We look at these types of women as a WHOLE. thus,stereotype. Like a book we already read,or a food we already have tasted. we assume every single thing about these kinds of girls already.. NO ROOM TO CONSIDER ONE OF THESE BLEACH BLONDE LADIES,AS A SMART,INTELLIGENT,SOPHISTICATED,CLASSY GIRL,because every other blonde chick already stained the world with one big fat ugly image,scarring the rest of the reputation for every other girl who just so happens to be blonde..because im pretty fucking certain that there will forever remain the biggest steretype of all blondes being stupid,or slutty.

Sure,then there ARE blondes who put a negative message out there..which is probably fair to judge,to an extent.and when I Say judge,I dont mean to look deeply into their past childhoods,or seek a deep beautiful psychological excuse,i just simply mean...come on ,now.Pam anderson ...yeah... jessica simpson?

need I say more?

But I think theres a difference with the girls like them who are already put out there,and PERSONALLY express something like stupidity,and excessive sexuality..verses a quiet blonde in the back of the party,standing against the wall,all alone and then some snobby brunette who walks past her and AUTOMATICALLY thinks "oh shes a fucking stupid slut.look at her tits,and hair."

Even if the girl doesnt even say anything,or do ANYTHING to express sexuality,or stupidity.

its like...if theres a certain stereotype out there..then anyone who LOOKS that certain way on the outside,or externally portrays that sort of "Type of person"

such as the bleach blondes;

then they are automatically,basically fucked,when it comes to being looked at as an individual of society or separate from that stereotype and shallow judgment..,because lets face is... no one is going to listen to some blonde with huge tits when she tells them shes a psychologist,or that she actually went to college.

and even if she DID,no one will take the time to actually attempt to even believe her,hear her out,or GIVE her the chance or time to day to explain herself.... BECAUSE she is apart of that horribly ridiculous stereotype of how every blonde is retarded and suffers from goddamn Chlamydia.

Why do we do this?


NOT a piece of a stereotype.

Why does anyone who has black hair,or wears black clothes must be considered a "goth"
Why are all "goths" bad for your children to hang out with,and why must they worship the devil?

why does everyone with a tatt or piercing must be a junkie or alcoholic?

and WHY does EVERY teenager/child just HAVE to be stupid,with no experience whatsoever?

Why cant we just look at eachother as human beings?

Why cant we just fucking forget the text book knowlegde,and ingest the spiritual knowlegde instead?

Forget what others think,and discover your own mind,instead.

Forget the rules,forget the law,forget the norm.fuck,even forget the teachings of psychology,and experience the mere,natural,naked EXPERIENCE of psychology instead. not the ones they teach you about,in the books.

Life is like a huge green plain. an infinite meadow,full of wild weeds,plants,and flowers. its so diverse,and so exotic. Theres so many things to touch..and smell,to endure.

Why do we label everything? why cannot we just be natural,again?Why cannot we just discover something new?

Why do I feel like everything has already been discovered,and the concept as been raped until it bleeds,and it was just labled the fuck out of...bruised and broken,in the palm of my two hands.. I'm trying to make something out of this..but theres no logic,or even emotion.

I feel like the world has been taken over...
taken over by something vile,and I Cant put my finger on it.I cant pinpoint who,or what...but everyday I look around..and I Feel..and I feel something cold in the air.not litterally.

Just spiritually.ITs like this blackness has taken over the world,just recently.

I can feel it.

I know theres so much beauty out there.. but Ive just come to the realization of the bad,and Its so hard to pull away from it,no matter how much I Want to.

why cant we just all think like cave men and women? when I Say "think" like them..I do not mean be oblivious to the fucking alphabet,and not know anything about cabel television or Paris hiltons new tv show..

ha,I just mean how much they nurtured this world,and took it under their "wings". how they were unaware and naive to things.. how they just discovered with an OPEN mind,and were not biased or judgmental.

why cannot we be this way,now?

why must we focus on age,gender,race,religion,and sexual orientation?

Why cant we just fucking thing..

we are ALL human.

despite if youre for fucking Obama,or mccain.

Despite if you are white,or black.
despite if you are 17,or 68.
Despite if youre a man,or woman.
despite if you are gay,or straight.

and sure,this may seem like some huge total self aimed,personal expressed RANT..but THATS NOT THE POINT,and it really ISNT just about me,when you think about it.

even If most of this stuff/rant is from my own .."experience" EXISTS in the world,today. I know alot of other teens or blondes,or african americans,or "gays" go through this,every fucking day.

why do we forget...forget of our true flesh and blood?Forget of how sacred time and existence is?We forget we are all litterally going to die,someday and your skin color or age will not matter,and those stupid stereotypes will be shot to hell.

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