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The world is beautiful. Just open your eyes.

Written on:Monday, August 11, 2008

It’s what you make it.Youre just not looking directly at this,darling.

Before reading any further,I would like to state something very important to me.
I am not writing this blog for any praise,or adoration,in general.I am not searching for compliments,or fame. Nor do not want people to tell me how intelligent,or wise I seem.

My goal?my point? my purpose? You.
You all are the reason I look into myself,and pull this all out.
The people of the world,everyone out there,everyone around me.

I do this,because I Want to help.I want to actually contribute something.
I want to reach out to people,I want to connect to others. Thats what i live for.
Creation,and connection.

I'm not here to argue,I'm not here to debate.
I'm not here to "shove my opinion down your throat",
because i'm not the one who clicked on my link,and began to read this blog,now did I? no.thus,I am not forcing you to do ANYTHING.

Now that that is stated,Lets begin.

Hello world, Life is literally,what you make it.
You are a creator. An inventor.An Artist. A composer. A genius. A writer. A poet. A thinker. A philosopher. A mathematician. A scientist.

Your work? your subject? Your masterpiece? Your art? Your instrumental? Your Painting? Your final project? your invention? Your book? Your praise? Your logic? Your sum? Your answer?


Create this.Mold this. Morph this.
Life is in your fingers,its here.happiness is right in front of you.

No,we cannot control other people.
No,we cannot control EVERY single situation we come across.

NO,we cannot make our boss treat us more kindly.
NO,we cannot make our boyfriends call,when he says he is going to.
NO,we cannot make our girlfriends love us,the way we want her to.
NO,we cannot become famous over night.
NO,we cannot come up with a single cure for every obstacle and pain in life.

"why is she saying this?I thought she was the positive girl who thought we all could do anything?"

I do not say that we cannot do all these things,because I am being negative,or any less " optimistic". I say it,because its the TRUTH! You can't make someone love you. You CANT force someone to be attracted to you,and you can't compose every situation in life.

but theres nothing wrong with this.
I believe that its a piece of "fate".
i believe that THAT,is whatever we consider "Destiny".
I dont know about your views on fate,and destiny,I'm not even sure about mine.

All I know is, If something doesn't work out for was meant that way.
with every loss,there is a gain.
Theres good,in every bad.
theres a choice,theres a chance.
theres a pathway,theres a change.
you have to just be willing to see that pathway,
and make that change.

something doesn't go as planned?its ok.
because I think THAT is a genuine form of fate.

if the window of a supposed smile,closes,then a door of genuine laughter,opens.

illusive? or just bad luck?
artificial? or just.. not meant to be?
who knows.

Do we control our fate?
or does the world control it for us?
It doesnt matter WHO does it.
All that matters,is we take a stand for our selves,our choices,thoughts,goals,dreams,reactions,

you cant control your boyfriend,family member,or boss.
but you CAN control YOU! thats all that matters.
just imagine..if everyone in the world,controlled themselves,and channeled themselves to true happiness.the world would be so beautifully organized.

Don't be so quick to say: "cant".

what CAN we do?
why do we always fucking focus on what we CANT?

that fucking word: CANT.

Why cant we just for once,replace it with CAN?
Why don't we focus on what we CAN control instead of what we cant?

Why do we magnify and glorify negativity?even by TALKING about it,announcing it,shunning it,or becoming sad over it,we are still FOCUSING on it!

by discussing how fucked up it is to be negative,we are actually still being negative!

by talking about how "Fucked up"everything is,we are still contributing to the "Fucked up" things in the world!

we are still focusing on the bad,by saying its bad in the first place.
being against negativity,instead of pro positivity.

Girl: "my boyfriend dumped me.. I feel so fucked up.I dont know what to do.I Feel like i'm dying.I really loved him"
Friend: "Oh god.I am so sorry.thats fucked up"

Do you see that?
instead of her saying something positive,and hopeful..she only focuses and dreads,on the fact of how "Fucked up"of a situation it is.

she just magnifys and almost fucking cakes lipstick and blush on it!
she laces the situation with negative elegance.

almost like we do with soap operas.we make it seem like its ok to watch something so distorted and complex,because its on the television.watching other peoples problems and pain is entertaining to us humans.makes ours seem less hurtful,and gives our eyes something hypnotizing to soak in.

(back to the "example")

instead of filtering her personal positive logic,and realizing..theres something beautiful in it.
instead of looking at it,as a loss..try looking at this,as a gain.
maybe in a few months,you will meet the love of your life.someone new,someone amazing.and then you wont even remember,whats his name.

you know?
in all reality,we honestly..cannot control everything around us. We cannot control another person for SELFISH REASON .
it would almost be disgusting and selfish of us to even attempt to.
we cant change them.

If we see someone whos happy,and likes..britney spears.We should NOT go up to them and try to convince them they shouldnt,just becaus we dont like britney spears.

.because thats who they are.thats what they personally like,and its beautiful because they are being true to themselves.we should accept people,instead of trying to change them to suit our vision of physical,mental,and spiritual needs.

"oh amanda,go back to being blonde,you looked better".

No,fuck you.this is me.this is what i like,this is who i am.
if you dont like it? i dont care.I just feel bad for your lack of respect for humanity.

But before you go on with your blind,vile ways and try to sneer at me,slapping an accusation of a "contradiction" in my face.

I DO think we are able to help the ones we love.and NOT because we just love them.if someone we know,is suffering..or is giving up on life..there is hope.we can save them,IF they want to be saved.someone can only change,if they are willing,if they REALIZE,and if they WANT to!

if they don't,its just like dragging a horse to a lake,and finding out it wont drink the water.or forcing a woman to wear a wedding ring,but realize she is not willing to marry you.

there are simple steps to this.i'm not saying for you to dedicate the rest of your entire life,to your one boyfriend,because he decided to become an abusive alcoholic . because that would be unhealthy for you,IVe been there.its hard to keep strong, people are most likely to lose themselves in the process of something unhealthy like that. But i got up again,no matter how many times i told him he shouldnt,he kept picking up that damn bottle.

But I'm just saying,if your bestfriend is slowly falling into a CAN show them the way of life.just like how I am posting this blog right now.

you CAN contribute to the world,by doing some good.
Just like you would by giving away old clothing to charity.
just like you would by giving money to an animal fund,or child starvation fund.
just like you would by giving a homeless man a 5 dollar bill.

what makes these good deeds so special,and significant?
is it just because that they all just so happen to have dollar signs on them?
just because its something phyiscal?
why cant happiness be just as special?
is it because that money is the only thing that runs the world?

if you see someone hurt,you can be there for them.
help them.its just as beautiful as if you were to save a dolphin,or help some child in fucking africa.
lets start with the people in our own damn country,first.
we forget about the people around us,and instead,we go all angelina jolie and brad pitt,and go adopt some kid from i dont fucking know where,even though theres so many children in our own land,who are hurting as well.

"dont shove your opinion down my throat"

no,i dont want you to live like i do.
no,i dont want you to wear the clothes i do.
no,i dont want you to listen to the music i do.
no,i'm not asking you to conform yourself in any way,

be yourself.

"i AM myself.I just so happen to be a sad,deppressed person!"


most of the time,depressed people,ARENT themselves.depression does not define a person.depression is NOT a personality,its a fucking emotion,and illness,if you will.unless this is something clinical,or over the edge.

but example:
just because i am sometimes happy,does NOT mean i am a completely happy person.
happiness is an emotion,too.
which can just as well be altered and interrupted by sadness or anger.
all of these are emotions,NOT personalities!dont confuse this!

I know alot people write on their profile about how "happy " of a person they are,in general,and currently in their life
thats is amazing to be able to say,but happiness doesnt define someone,because we can all feel happy. happy is an emotion,not a personality. happiness comes and goes,just like how sorrow can fade and intensify. happiness is something we can CREATE for our selves,but we cant give up if it suddenly fades.we are in control,this is something we can obtain.

so if you think your best friend is hopeless because he or she cuts themselves,or wants to "die",youre wrong. sorrow is a state of mind,and in immense form,it IS a mental disease.but these can all be broken through,and overcome.Trust me.Ive bled before.mentally and physically.


Lets focus on what we CAN control.

What we DO have power over.

we CAN have faith.
we CAN be hopeful.
We CAN think for the best.
we CAN be compassionate.
we CAN do whatever we set our minds to.

thus,we can be HAPPY.

"how do I do this"?

no,this wont happen on its own.
no,you wont get anywhere by crying to yourself,and sitting there,waiting for the world to take charge.
YOU have to take charge.
the people of this earth,run the world. as much as nature,and the enviornment and the weatehr effects US, its OUR cars that are fucking polluting the air.we are the ones who compose whats around us.we are the people driving ourselves to any goal or dream. We are in charge.

you have to phyiscally,spirtutally and mentally believe you are able to be happy,and do whatever you want to do,in life.
you are able to achieve ANYTHING you set your mind too.

ive been there,ive been hurt.ive been abused.ive seen others hurt,ive seen others abused.its NO Excuse.this is YOUR life,not the life of whoever abused you. you get move on,get over this,and take control.gain back your happiness.its there.litterally.oh god,its right in front of you.

"what does she know?she probably has a perfect life."

Trust me, I've been there.Ive been stuck,lost,effortless,sick,physically,mentally, ill.
Ive wanted the easy way out.I wanted pills,alcohol,maybe even drugs.
I wanted an infinite escape. no looking back,no returning.
a noose,a gun,A knife, a razor blade,a bathtub to submerge into, traffic to walk in front of.

seek "REALIZATION".its the key to all sucess.

Something happened to me.
something beautiful.
Something amazing.
something pure.
something real.
something that no other human being or mortal can ever compare to,or replace in my heart.

what was this?this was realization. no other being in flesh,and blood has gifted me with this,or handed me the ability to understand and adore life,in ..simply,its complex.. natural.. sometimes vile,form. I'm not just some cliche wannabe who goes around preaching happiness,and then cuts herself when things get bad.No,i stand through the good and bad.I embrace the pain,and I chase after the joy.I DO this,i dont just sit here talking about it.

I know life is full of so many people.
so many different creators.I am a creator as well.
The way one man creates his life,should not effect the way I create mine.
I am separate. I am an individual. I am special.We are ALL separate.We are INDIVIDUAL. we are ALL many people are blind to this,realization.

seek this.its the key to happiness,and success.
you have to be willing,200%
you have to see through what i like to call,a "blessed pair of eyes".
anyone can see,this way.

you can.its on your fingertips,you just arent focusing.
You're scared. but whats to fear?this is are incontrol,youre just covering your eyes,with your frantic hands,instead of taking charge of the steering wheel.

If youre sad,If youre angry,if youre lost,If you hate humanity and everything in general.. You arent alone. And Ive been there.. but life is too fucking beautiful.

Theres hope for you,you just have to wake up from whatever trance you are in.

Dont try to change my views for the worse,when I am only trying to lighten yours to the better.

We are creators. We are inventors.We are Artists. We Are composers. We Are geniuses . We are writers. We Are poets. We Are thinkers. We are philosophers. we Are mathematicians. we Are scientists.

we are Beautiful.

go out there,make it.
its going to be ok. you just have to realize this.

Its what you create it.
you just havent begun yet.

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