Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Written on:Friday, June 27, 2008

What does all of this mean?
I run my hands over the pattern of tribal lines and squiggles,
words carved into walls of ancient stone,this goes on for miles and miles
what does this say?
I cant read its language
I cant recognize it from anywhere before
I don't even think Man has left this..
This trace..this hint..
the answer to life
everyone wants peace
but no one is willing to figure it out
everyone cries for happiness
but no one wants to walk the journey towards the hidden remedy
you say I'm over dramatic,
"its just life.
Smile,Live it".
but I'm not the crazy one,
because life isnt so simple,once your on your knees,now is it?
and Life isnt so easy,when youre crying for someone to help you,now is it?
Only when youre bleeding inside,is when the hysterics finally pour out from within you..
only when the inside of your head,is so sore and scarred from thinking,nonstop..
do your eyes finally open to what you live around and amongst.

but what makes you think that life is simple,just because you wear a smile?
its all the same
its to beautiful to be labeled as simplicity
life isnt short
your outlook is only limited
your eyes are just closed
theres something to figure out
Theres an answer to all your problems
a cure for all your fear and hesitance
but no one wants to dirty their knees with devotion
just to find it
I want to find it.
theres a secret
deep beneath the crust of this earth
in between the cracks of the tile floor
all amongst the stained fragments on the fabric of your bed sheets
in the freckles on a childs fresh face
in the dirt on a homeless womans battered fingers
in the intensity of every tear you shed.
it looks like just a drop of liquid,doesnt it?well,its not.
its much more than that.
its made up of much more than what it visually and physically appears to be.
its caused by a war of chaotic emotions,from the inside of you..raging hurts until you let it out,and cry.

how can everyone be so careless and stereotypical?
so many brainwashed heads..
stereotypical for stereotyping.
Its driving me crazy
I cant even sleep because of this thought
A cure for depression
A murderer of misery
I want to find it.
i need to find it.
I'm eaten alive by the agony that seeps deep inside of me
"go away!" but it will never leave.
not until i decipher this concept
not until I dig in ,elbow deep..within the complexity
theres something to unravel
a yarn..a thread.. or an elegant lace of some sort.
suddenly,i feel like i have a purpose.
i feel like i'm meant to do something amazing in this world
theres this page that must be turned,and read..over and over again.
but its like the world is to lazy and effortless to actually read.
Or at least even scan over with their eyes!
Am I the only one who wants to stop this ache?
this pain?
todays media,overpowering every single mind and brain cell
memorizing,hypnotizing rays from computer screens
and tiny little particles of nonsense coming from your tvs
it looks good,it seems good.seems normal.everyones doing it.everyones watching it.
the negativity in the news,and fucking ridiculously sick sort of entertainment
from soap operas.
all of this,taking you away from the natural essence of life.
Its pulling you into some sort of cult like,outlook and way of thinking
something spiritually artificial

lyrical clan of brainwashing
the music is pretty,but the message is pure fucking suicide.

you think i'm overreacting?
you think i'm overanalyzing?
youre just not paying attention
youre just not looking closely

and then you have the nerve to question your personal sorrow and
you get freaked out when you cant pinpoint the reason why you just had the biggest and most depressing moodswing ever.

look around you.
Life is not all fun and games,
yet life is not all tears and pain
its merely what you make of it
so why do you keep stamping life with stickers of judgment?
"be happy"
"stop being pathetic"
"dont be emo"
"youre over-dramatic"
"life is to sshort to cry"
If life is to short to cry..??
then life must be to short to feel..because crying is an emotion,
something that should be embraced,and bravely endured.
just like happiness.
everyone is a big contradiction
you just need someone to echo your statements
just so you can hear yourself
and your hypocritical traits can travel back to your own ears
I feel alone,yet surrounded by people who understand me
and perhaps if i explain well enough,they can even join me.
theres something to discover
theres the biggest fucking adventure,And I want to explore this..
every inch of this earth.
every hand of every person

I just..need to figure this out.
My purpose.
The reason,for life..for everything.
for the leaves on fucking trees
for the soil on the ground
for the wounds on the black top streets
scuffed up,broken pieces of the floor
what made this?
where did it originate?
i want to soak in curiosity
i need to find this answer
this security
maybe its just mental..
or maybe it really is just completely physical.
the remedy,that is.
look out your window.
look all around you.
dont just stare.
comprehend what lies ahead of you
understand what is stepped on,underneath you
feel the faces passing you by
dont just judge them.
theres an answer somewhere.
answer to everything in life.

Lets find it.

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