Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm fucked up.

Written on:Thursday, June 26, 2008 feels nice.


this insane Emotional bliss,of complete flaws and complications.

all these complex feelings,twisting together..

I feel cracked,I feel Cheated.

I feel smashed,and beaten.

but I feel so mellow in my abusive surroundings,

The memory of you,fades like a candle flame.

You were once so hot upon my skin,I welcomed you.
now your presence is cold like ice and knives,but I just let you sway and linger here,for a while..before I push you out,again.

I'm trying to forget.

but everytime i look in the mirror,I see you.
Everytime I scream at others,
I hear you.

Everytime I touch myself,
running my hand up my own thigh..
I feel you.

Ive become you.
characteristics of you.
habbits of you.
imperfections of you.
issues of you.

Youve made me this.
you've created this.

Malicious,selfish,Manipulative Sadist.

what have I ever done to you?

Nothing but say sweet words,and open up my warm arms.

I pity myself now,Like I once pitied you.

Your favorite song Still plays in my head..

I'm fucked up.

You sicken me.

1 comment:

  1. I'm reading all of this... and its like you took the words out of my mind.
    I feel this more than you could possibly know...